SP-6™ Unbonded Outerwrap

Polyguard SP-6™ Unbonded Outerwrap is an integral part of  the RD-6® Coating System

SP-6™ consists of a strong non woven, felt-like polypropylene fabric. The product is engineered to provide high bursting strength and low tensile and elongation properties. The result is an outerwrap with improved soil stress resistance. 

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SP-6™ Application Video

SP-6™ Unbonded Outerwrap

SP-6™ Unbonded Outerwrap Application

Features & Benefits

  • There is no adhesive on the surfaces of either side of the fabric. For years, the pipeline coating industry relied on bonded outerwraps.  However, the permanent adhesion to the corrosion coating underneath is not desired. The fabric, when unbonded, has the freedom to be moved by the forces of soil stress, independently of the coating over which it has been applied. If the fabric had been bonded to the coating underneath, the soil stresses would be transferred to the corrosion coating underneath, and could cause deformation of the corrosion coating.
  • The fabric permits water and cathodic protection currents to pass through it. This porous property keeps the outerwrap from contributing to the cathodic protection shielding problem. Solid film back corrosion coatings and outerwraps have been proven to shield (block) the passage of protective currents.

RD-6® Application Video

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