What’s The Value of Being
100% Employee Owned?

Polyguard Products is proud to be 100% employee-owned, but what does that mean to the people and communities that do business with us? It means that any time you place an order, have a question, need technical support, or anything else an owner is at your disposal.

As an innovation-based company, Polyguard specializes in products that protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water and other undesired contaminants like radioactive radon gas and methane. We are currently operating under three "core" divisions with multiple products growing under the Polyguard umbrella. Our world-wide headquarters is in Ennis, Texas but our products and technical expertise are utilized on virtually every continent.

Whether you are an architect utilizing Integrated Building Envelope design, in oil and gas and understand the importance of non-shielding corrosion control, or need weather and vapor barrier systems to keep pipe and duct insulation dry, we invite you to explore all that Polyguard Products has to offer.
  • A Guide to Exterior HVAC Duct Insulation Wrap

    Exterior ductwork carries heated and cooled air from the outdoor HVAC system to the interior of a building or home. Manufacturers design ductwork so the sections fit tightly together and are sealed with mastic materials to enhance the efficiency of the thin-metal ductwork. However, the ductwork’s design must also include exterior HVAC duct insulation wrap, […]


  • Understanding Fluid-Applied Flashing vs. Flash Tape

    Flashings create weather-resistant seals around vulnerable areas of wall assemblies. Builders today typically choose between liquid applied flashing vs. flash tape products, assuming they comply with the ASTM D570, Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Plastics, and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) 127, Hydrostatic Pressure Test. Both flashing products seal […]


  • Understanding Pipeline Corrosion Prevention and the Best Products

    Pipeline corrosion prevention aims to protect the world’s extensive network of buried pipelines. Without corrosion protection, pipes can lose their integrity, lowering mechanical strength through the development of exterior cracks and holes, which can lead to failures. A corrosion prevention coating system must resist degradation over time and conduct cathodic protection currents should the coating […]


About Us

Polyguard’s Architectural Division offers the Integrated Building Envelope™ System, with air barriers, masonry through wall and window flashings, below grade structural waterproofing systems, and composite drainage panels, all connected using engineered transition detailing assemblies which assure envelope integrity.

Polyguard’s Pipeline Division was the first coating manufacturer to highlight the cathodic shielding problem and the first to develop a coating to address the shielding problem.  Our patented RD-6 coating system has been used by major pipeline companies for over 30 years. We also have a 2-part epoxy coating with 30% – 50% longer pot life than the competition.

Our Mechanical Division offers weather and vapor barrier systems to keep pipe and duct insulation dry, as well as a unique RG-2400® Corrosion Control Gel coating to stop corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Poly Wall® Building Solutions manufactures a market-leading line of waterproofing and air barrier membranes in the lumber and building materials market designed to enhance the integrity of your structure.

A new innovation from Polyguard is TERM® Barrier Systems. Backed by 18 years of university research and ICC Evaluation Report #3632, you can optimize building waterproofing by adding non-chemical termite and insect barriers.

Think of Polyguard as an innovator and manufacturer of barriers – not just barriers against moisture and corrosion, but against contaminants like radioactive radon gas and methane. No sick buildings here.