Insulrap 30 NG Vapor Barrier Products

Insulrap Vapor BarrierInsulrap™ 30 NG Vapor Barrier is the original self-healing vapor barrier membrane used on insulated piping in refrigeration, cryogenic and chemical processing applications.

Insulrap™ 30 NG is a composite membrane consisting of a tough polymer film coated with a layer of rubberized-asphalt specially formulated for this application. Insulrap™ 30 NG is considered "peel and stick" and self-healing and uses a disposable silicone-coated release liner.

Insulrap™ 30 NG can be applied by cigarette wrapping. The silicone release liner should be removed immediately prior to the time of application. The adhesive surface of the membrane shall be applied to the insulation. Cigarette wrap applications will provide for a 2" overlap of the membrane on itself while joints should be wrapped with 4" butt strips. Use pressure from a roller to insure the lap is well conformed to the insulation.

Insulrap™ 30 NG is available in two different product variations to meet your specific application needs:

  • Insulrap™ 30 NG  is a white, 30 mils thick, and has a smooth surface
  • Insulrap™ 30-SJ NG is a white, 30 mil thick product with an embedded fiberglass scrim reinforcement within the laminate. allowing for a smooth surface that enhances adhesion at the laps

Insulrap™ 30 NG can be used in burial applications if covered with a mechanical jacket. For direct burial applications refer to the to the data sheets for Insulrap™ 50 NG, or Insulrap™ 125 No Torch.

Vapor Barrier Companion Products:

InsulShield™ is a puncture resistant "insurance" jacket installed over Insulrap™ products for in direct burial in ROCKY conditions. If you are not doing a sand backfill, you need to protect the Insulrap™ with the extra 400 psi of puncture resistance provided by Insulshield™.

Outerwrap™ is used on clean (and rocky) backfills to prevent damage to the Insulrap from soil stress. All that fresh dirt you piled over the pipe is going to settle, without a ‘slip-sleeve’ to absorb that movement, you will have issues.

VaporGuard™ Tape is a self-adhesive butyl sealant for use in vapor stops, expansion joints, and terminations on ammonia systems. 

ZEROPERM® Tapes Two types of tapes are available to complete field installations, both use a high quality, acrylic adhesive with excellent cold weather performance. ZEROPERM® A Tape has a kraft release liner and is typically used for sealing longitudinal and circumferential laps. ZEROPERM® Self-Wound Tape has no liner, and is used on valves and fittings.

Installing Insulrap™

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 2 product variations, smooth or with embedded scrim
  • Proven: Used on millions of square feet of insulated pipe for over 20 years with excellent success.
  • Self-Healing: rubberized bituminous membrane seals punctures. Self-sealing laps.
  • Uniform factory controlled thickness of 30 mils.
  • Saves labor and materials compared to mastic/fab/mastic coatings.
  • Superior elastomeric properties accommodate expansion and contraction of the substrate
  • White color for improved reflectivity in the field prior to jacketing
  • Low Perm Vapor Barrier