Polyguard Receives ICC Evaluation Report for a Physical Termite Barrier

Polyguard Products, of Ennis, TX, has announced the issuance of ICC ES-3632, an International Code Council evaluation report titled TERM® Barrier System [link to ICC report]. The report evaluates the TERM System against ICC’s AC380 standard for Termite Physical Barrier Systems. [Link to ICC]

TERM Barriers create a fine-tuned building envelope system, incorporating non-chemical physical barriers which exclude termites, insects, and other pests. Since insects and pests almost all enter structures by penetrating the building envelope, TERM excludes them at entry points around the structure. TERM is an upgrade of existing envelope materials, so the cost of this sustainability improvement will generally be moderate.

TERM Barriers are based on 18 years of research and university testing. Polyguard has worked with Texas A&M University entomology scientists since 1999. In 2014, the University of Florida, Louisiana State University and the University of Georgia began working with Polyguard.

The ICC’s AC 380 acceptance criteria for Termite Physical Barrier Systems closely parallel the stringent requirements which state pest control regulators have for chemical termiticides. Successful field testing for five years at multiple sites, using unprotected controls, is required.

As a sustainability innovation, the TERM Barrier System relates to LEED in two ways:

1. LEED V4 standards call out the implementation of IPM (Integrated Pest Management). LEED credits are using wording such as:

“Nonchemical pest preventive measures, either designed into the structure or implemented as part of pest management activities.” (underlining by Polyguard)


Until now, the only physical pest barrier elements available for designing into the structure have treated specific spots around the building envelope. TERM Barriers give a new alternative – materials to exclude pests all around the envelope. Close to 100 percent exclusion can be attained with proper construction.

2. TERM Barrier Systems add a new dimension to the WELL Certification. A search of the WELL Building Standard v1 for “pest” shows 66 occurrences of “pest” or “pesticide”. This frequency speaks to the potential improvement in interior wellness which built-in pest exclusion will bring. With reduced pest entry, buildings with TERM Barriers will experience long-term minimization of the need for chemical treatments.

Other sustainability upgrades within the WELL goals include a reduction in pest related health problems and increased peace of mind (comfort) for occupants.

Polyguard Products is 100 percent owned by its employees. On Dec. 31, 2017, the company will celebrate 25 consecutive years of sales growth. In 2017, Polyguard expanded manufacturing capability to over 500,000 square feet at its Ennis, Texas and Corsicana, Texas facilities.

Polyguard has manufactured protective coatings for structures and infrastructure since 1952. The company’s first building envelope product, 650 Waterproofing Membrane, was introduced in 1970.

Polyguard Barrier Systems Division will be at Greenbuild booth #1061 Nov. 8–11 in Boston.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jill Heidorf, 469-500-9402, or jheidorf@polyguard.com. Please visit www.polyguardbarriers.com for more information.