May 2015 World Pipelines “Testing Coating Performance”

World Pipeline May 2015May 2015 – World Pipelines

Luc Perrad, Expartech and Polyguard Products representative in Brussels, Belgium, compares the performance of heat-shrinkable coatings and polymeric tape coatings according to ISO21809-3 and EN12068. The international standard ISO21809-3 (edited in December 2008) is largely used today as a reference for the major pipeline operators (oil, gas and water companies). The standard describes 9 filed joint coatings systems and includes the required performances for each system: 1) Bituminous, petrolatum, wax and polymeric tape coating. 2) Heat-shrinkable coatings 3) Fusion bond epoxy (FBE) powder coatings. 4) Liquid coatings. 5) Polyolefin-based coatings. 6) Thermal spray aluminum (TSA) coatings, 7) Hot applied microcrystalline wax coatings. 8) Elastomeric coatings. 9) Non-crystalline low viscosity polyolefin tapes. Even though polymeric based mesh coatings like Polyguard RD-6 have successfully been used since 1988 and are included in many reference standards like NACE standard SP)169-2009 (Control of External Corrosion on Underground or Submerged Metallic Piping Systems), they are not listed in ISO21809-3. [Read More…]