RD-6® Long Track Record

Polyguard installed its first RD-6® project in October, 1988, on a 26" products line in Beaumont, Texas. This particular project was in a high soil stress area. The project was excavated in April, 1989. It was in perfect condition except for a small wrinkled area where no outerwrap had been used over the RD-6®.

RD-6® has a very long record of successful installations in the filed

The base of RD-6® projects grew steadily. Corrosion engineers who understood the mechanics of the shielding problem recognized that the RD-6® backing would not shield cathodic protection currents.

By 1992, RD-6® was well recognized and growing. The magazine cover shows RD-6® being featured.

Over the years since 1988, usage of RD-6® has grown almost every year, with an average annual unit sales growth of 35%. Virtually every pipeline operator who has used RD-6® on their line has continued to use the product.

Today, some of the world's biggest operators utilize RD-6® as their standard coating. The base of installed projects is in the thousands, both large and small.

1st RD-6 Installation 1988

Installation of the first RD-6® project - October 1988 on a products line in Beaumont, TX.

RD-6® featured on Magazine Cover 1992

By 1992, RD-6® had become a recognized product with a growing user base.