RD-6 – Surface Preparation

Polyguard recommends a NACE 3 Commercial Blast Cleaning whenever possible, but we also realize that surface preparation quality of field applied coatings is a major problem. The majority of external corrosion on pipelines occur at the girth weld where surface preparation and application occur in the field. Several years ago, a joint industry project sponsored by US and Canadian pipeline companies was designed to address those problems.

RD-6® Resists Disbondment whether surface preparation quality is Minimal, Medium, or High

A main objective of the study was to see how a group of 11 representative coatings performed under different levels of surface preparation quality. The 11 coatings were applied using three different quality levels of surface preparation (abrasive blast, power tool, and hand tool).

Cathodic disbondment results showed that RD-6®; gave top performance, at all levels of surface preparation quality.

prep chart RD-6 prep chart RD-6 7mm prep chart RD-6 zero