RD-6® – Soil Stress

RD-6® Resistance to Soil Stress

Soil stress usually comes from backfill pressure as it settles around a pipeline. Typical result is a “bag and sag” at the 4 and 8 o’clock positions.

RD-6® has a Very High Resistance to Soil Stress

Soil stress from backfill

RD-6® has Very High Resistance to Soil Stress

The RD-6® advantage comes from its backing. The RD-6® backing is a high strength, low elongation polypropylene geotextile mesh. The RD-6® backing helps with soil stress three ways:

A. Higher Tensile Strength
Starts out stronger than HDPE shrink sleeves and tapes.

B. Less Stretchable:
A critical difference. 1/20th as stretchable as shrink sleeves or tapes.

C. More Resistant from Weakening from High Heat:
If your pipeline operates above ambient, polymers relax (begin to stretch) as you heat them. Polypropylene (used in RD-6®) has 75% higher resistance to this weakening than polyethylenes.

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