RD-6® Fast Installation

Several years ago a joint industry project sponsored by US and Canadian pipeline companies tracked 11 girth weld coatings for speed of installation from start to backfill. “Tapes” and RD-6® as a group won this race by a big margin – twice as fast as shrink sleeves, four times faster than liquid epoxies.

RD-6® can be Installed Quickly and Backfilled Immediately

Polyguard prefers you to think of RD-6® as different from “tape”, since the RD-6® geotextile backing is many times stronger and far less stretchable than solid film back sleeves and tape.

Another difference is that RD-6® won’t shield cathodic protection currents as do solid film back sleeves and tape.

However, like “tape”, RD-6® is supplied in roll form and needs no cure before backfill.

RD-6 Fast Installation Time Chart to backfillRD-6® Hours from start to backfill