2-Part Epoxies

NHT-5600™ 2-Part Epoxy is a 100% solid, VOC-free epoxy designed to work in conjunction with FBE coated pipe and is specially formulated for extended pot life while maintaining a cure time comparable to other epoxies.

NHT-5600™ 2-Part Epoxy Repair Cartridges are designed to repair FBE and other liquid coated pipe. The repair cartridges have a two component design and are available in a 50mL size. A dispensing gun is required for application.

Polyguard 2-Part Epoxies are used to provide protection of pipeline field joint girth welds, valves, fittings, repairs to FBE coated pipe, coating for directional drill (ARO) and road bore pipe, and for coating rehabilitation of existing pipelines.

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NHT-5600™ Application Video

NHT-5600 2-Part Epoxy

2-Part Epoxy Application


Features & Benefits

  • Extended pot life (15-25 minutes at 97ºF)
  • Excellent high temperature [175ºF(80ºC)] cathodic disbondment resistance.
  • Fast touch, dry and cure times.
  • Excellent adhesion characteristics (compliments FBE coated pipe)
  • High abrasion suitable for horizontal drilling applications
  • Impact resistant
  • Can be used as ARO coating
  • Meets AWWA C210-07 Liquid Epoxy Coating Systems for Steel Water Pipelines
  • Isocyanate free
  • High build (up to 50 mils in a single coat)
  • Excellent chemical resistance

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