600 Liquid Adhesive

Polyguard’s fast drying, rubber based 600 Liquid Adhesive is used in conjunction with Polyguard’s coatings and wraps and is easily applied in a thin coat using a roller or brush. It is available in solvent systems that will conform to most local VOC requirements.

600 may be applied with roller or brush to clean and dry pipe surface. It should be applied at an average rate of 400 ft² per gallon (10m²/liter).

For applications requiring zero VOC liquid adhesive, we have 601 Liquid Adhesive available.

RD-6® Application Video


600 Liquid Adhesive applied with roller or brush.

600 Liquid Adhesive may be applied with a roller or brush to clean, dry pipe surfaces.

600 Liquid Adhesive Features & Benefits

  • Fast drying - no down time between primer coat and RD-6® application.
  • Rubber-based - works synergistically with the bitumen-based wraps.
  • Both brush and roller application can be used - allows the application and/or operator to specify application method based on pipe size and conditions.
  • Only a thin coat is necessary - less downtime and more efficient coverage. 

The liquid adhesive is an industrial coating and would be harmful or fatal if swallowed. It is marked as
a red label from the standpoint of flash point. Prohibit flames, sparks, welding, and smoking during
application. Solvents could be irritating to the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water and
contact physician.
Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapor or spray mist from the liquid adhesive. In
confined areas, use adequate forced ventilation, fresh air masks, explosion proof equipment, and clean
This material is sold by Polyguard Products, Inc. only for the purposes described in this literature.