Alumaguard® Air Release Valves

Alumaguard® Air Release Valves One of the paramount features of Alumaguard® is its aggressiveness and how well it adheres to foil substrates creating an incredible seal! In fact, it seals so well that IF you have substantial air leakage from a poorly installed duct, we will bubble and balloon and it is possible to pull the FSK paper off the substrate.

To relieve pressure related stress, we sell a miniature air release valve which can be installed in the bottom of the duct to relieve air pressure. Install as many as are required; if the system has been ballooned for a long period of time, the bubbles may not re-adhere.

Alumaguard® Air Release Valves

The air release valves contain a small spring which is actuated when pressure builds up to 0.1 psi (pounds per square inch).

Simply cut a hole the size of the screw portion of the valve (make sure the arrow is facing out – if the label is gone, blow in it, it will only blow one way) in the Alumaguard®, insert the valve so that the PVC disk is flush to the valve and the Alumaguard®. Cut a 6" square piece of Alumaguard®, cut a hole in it the size of the valve body, slit it to one edge, remove the release liner and apply it around the valve to seal the installation. DO NOT INSTALL valves on the top of the duct! They must be protected from rain entering them.

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Installing Alumaguard®

Features & Benefits

  • Relieves air pressure stress from ducts
  • One-Way Air Release
  • Miniature sized
  • Easily Installed
  • Installs on the bottom of ducts
  • Install as many as required