VaporGuard™ Tape

VaporGuard™ Butyl Tape  is a non-curing elastomer developed for use as a vapor stop on sub-freezing insulation systems. This product provides excellent cold temperature flexibility at -20ºF.

System design includes installation under the insulation at terminations and in-line vapor stop locations, or expansion joints. VaporGuard retards moisture ingress along the pipe and into the insulation system at terminations and insulation joints.

All material is extruded on to removable release paper backing to facilitate handling. To use, material is pressed into place on one surface. The paper is stripped off, and the second surface is brought into contact with the exposed surface.

VaporGuard is available in 2 convenient sizes:

1-1/4" x 100' extruded size (10/case), and

12" x 40' extruded size (4/case).

Features & Benefits

  • Non-curing elastomer
  • Provides vapor stop on sub-freezing insulation systems
  • Provides excellent cold temperature flexibility at -20ºF
  • Used at terminations, in-line vapor stops & expansion joint locations
  • Retards moisture
  • Easy to remove release paper backing
  • Presses into place on surface
  • Available in two convenient sizes