ZEROPERM® Vapor Barrier Membrane

ZEROPERM® Reversible Vapor Barrier Membrane is an absolute zero-perm barrier that provides maximum protection for all types of insulations used in below ambient, sub-freezing and cryogenic applications on duct, pipe, or vessel systems.

ZEROPERM is a 3-ply composite membrane consisting of a white 0.5 mil polyester film, 1.0 mil aluminum foil, and one 0.5 mil clear polyester film. The foil provides the zero permeance in the composite while the polyester layers protect the foil and provide the white finish, toughness and tear resistance. It is reversible, the white polyester side of can be left exposed when no protective jacket is required and offers an appearance similar to traditional and next generation ASJ, PVC and PVDC polymer jacketing. The clear polyester side presents a smooth silver foil finish.

ZEROPERM vapor barrier is used on cold systems either between layers of insulation on sub-freezing projects like LNG piping, or as the outer vapor-barrier jacket on ammonia, brine or glycol systems under mechanical jacketing, either metal or PVC. It can also be used on chilled water systems replacing ASJ and PVDC jacketing either left exposed or under a protective metal or PVC jacket.

ZEROPERM is typically factory installed by a fabricator but can also be installed in the field. Packaged in rolls with 3 different size options available 23.5" x 500', 35.5" x 500', and 35.5" x 1000'.

Companion Products:

ZEROPERM® Tapes Two types of tapes are available to complete the field installation. Both use a high quality, acrylic adhesive with excellent cold weather performance. ZEROPERM® A Tape has a kraft release liner and is typically used for sealing longitudinal and circumferential laps. ZEROPERM® Self-Wound Tape has no liner, is used on valves and fittings.

Installing ZEROPERM®

Features & Benefits

  • Reversible silver/white
  • Absolute Zero permeability
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Mold resistant
  • Paper-free
  • Easy to install with no special tools required
  • Meets ASTM E84 25/50 Smoke and Flame requirements