Polyguard’s Outerwrap is designed for use over Insulrap™ 50 NG vapor barriers in direct burial applications to alleviate soil stress on large diameter pipes.

Outerwrap is an un-bonded, 3 mil, cross laminated polyethylene, 6" or 12" wide which can be spiral wrap applied over Insulrap™ 50-NG. This inexpensive wrap then becomes a sacrificial layer which will wrinkle protecting the vapor barrier from wrinkling. It provides 3700 psi tensile strength, and 90 Kg/Cm impact strength.

Companion Products:

Insulrap™ NG Vapor Barrier Membranes.

Use InsulShield™  for severe rocky soil conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Protects vapor barrier membrane in direct burial
  • Absorbs soil stress
  • 3,700 psi Tensile Strength
  • 90 Kg/Cm Impact Strength
  • Wicks away moisture from surface of insulation
  • Un-bonded, 3 mil, cross laminated polyethylene
  • Available in 6" or 12" wide rolls

Soil stress caused during backfill.

Installing outerwrap over vapor barrier membrane.

Installing outerwrap over vapor barrier membrane.