InsulShield Outerwrap for Insulrap Vapor Barriers


Soil stress caused during backfill.

Polyguard’s InsulShield™ is an outerwrap designed for use over Insulrap™ vapor barriers in direct burial applications in severe rocky areas, to absorb soil stress.

InsulShield™ is a 10 oz/yd recycled fabric geotextile product which will not only absorb the stress; it will supply an extra 400 psi puncture protection and wick moisture away from the surface of the insulation.

InsulShield™ membrane protection system IS a high strength, highly puncture resistant two component fabricated geotextile. Its purpose is to protect underlying buried vapor barrier and waterproofing membranes and from physical damage during construction, backfill, and operating use.

InsulShield™ is made from 100% recycled synthetic fibers. Being a recycled product, its appearance will vary in coloration, but the minimum performance properties of the material will exceed the stated minimums on a consistent basis.

Installing InsulShield outerwrap over vapor barrier membrane.

Installing outerwrap over vapor barrier membrane.

InsulShield™ is designed for placement over insulation and waterproofing membrane systems, prior to backfilling operations. The InsulShield™ will protect the membrane from damage during and subsequent to construction. Additionally, use of the system allows the engineer to substitute clean, rock free backfill for the expensive layer of sand backfill that has generally been required in the past. More importantly, InsulShield™ eliminates the problem of inadvertent neglect by the contractor to install the specified sand backfill over the entire project.

Features & Benefits

  • Protects vapor barrier membrane in direct burial
  • Works in extreme rocky soil conditions
  • Absorbs soil stress
  • Supplies an extra 400 psi puncture protection
  • Wicks away moisture from surface of insulation
  • Recycled fabric geotextile