Tank Chime Systems

Tank Chime SystemsPolyguard has various products available that can be used in various combinations to offer a complete tank chime protection system specific to your specific needs addressing tank base corrosion issues where the tank "chime" is accessible and subject to wet/dry, chloride crevice environments creating corrosion issues.

Installation is simple and surface preparation is minimal. The concept is a simple one; stop corrosion in the crevice environment where a metal vessel or tank comes into contact with a solid substrate or base. The product installation may vary as may the weather barrier over the installation.

The process is very basic; clean the are to be treated, dry the area, inject the gel into all crevice areas, prime the metal and concrete surface and install a weather barrier for protection.

RG-2400 AK is a non-curing solution injected via pump gun or caulk gun.

The protection system will vary dependent on substrates and desire to open the system for inspection over the years. The best system in a rubberized asphalt compound with an aluminum foil facing or UV resistant polyethylene or polyester. The system is not the easiest to open for re-inspection, but can be removed with a heat gun. Various Polyguard ZeroPerm® membranes with acrylic adhesives are more easily removed for future inspection of the site. White, black, and aluminum facings are available for the waterproofing membrane.

Contact our technical team to determine the best combination of products for your installation.

Companion Products:

RG-2400 AK


Various Waterproofing Membrane Options Available, ask your representative for recommendations.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete solution designed specifically for tank chime systems
  • Customizable to any specific tank configuration
  • Corrosion protection at tank base, cracks and crevices
  • Can work with solid foundations or Foamglas® base
  • Simple installation
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Can be designed to be re-opened for future inspections
RG-2400® is being used to stop crevice corrosion in the chime area of a storage tank.

RG-2400 is being used to stop crevice corrosion in the chime area of a storage tank.

Applying Primer

Applying Primer

Installation of selected membrane

Installation of selected membrane

Visual of Finished Tank Chime System

Visual of finished tank chime system