RG-2400® AK

RG-2400 AK is designed to be installed on hot pipes, above 100ºF.

RG-2400 AK is a surface conversion compound utilizing mineralization technology, or the "science of Minetics"; this compound replaces the corrosion process with a mineral formation on and into the metal creating a mineral barrier 50-200 angstroms thick.

RG-2400 AK is a breakthrough for corrosion control and prevention on piping systems, tanks and vessels under insulation. It is a non-drying compound easily brush/spray applied to pipes, fittings, valves, tanks and vessels. This version of RG is designed to be used on in-service hot surfaces.

RG-2400 AK helps prevent corrosion from occurring, and it also helps stop existing corrosion from advancing. It requires minimal (wire brush off the scale) preparation. In addition, RG-2400 AK prevents stainless steel and copper stress crack corrosion under insulation.

Installation thicknesses of 25-30 MILS allow the unique formulation to heal any subsequent breach (mechanical damage) of the mineral barrier, and the RG-2400 AK formula is so unique, that even if the vapor barrier is breached allowing moisture into the system, the RG-2400 AK will buffer any moisture that migrates through it to an elevated pH.

The opacity and color of the product (blue) allows for easy site inspection of an installation. When it’s BLUE, you’re through!

RG-2400 AK  can also be used for application on tank chime systems and where crevice corrosion is a concern.

Features & Benefits

  • For use on in-service HOT Line applications up to 250ºF (121ºC)
  • Great for Tank Chime Installations
  • Prevents stainless steel and copper stress crack CUI
  • Originally formulated for Arctic conditions 
  • Minimal surface preparation prior to application
  • Non-drying compound

RG-2400 AK Surface Conversion Compound

RG-2400 AK Surface Conversion Compound

RG-2400 AK Surface Conversion Compound

RG-2400 AK Surface Conversion Compound