Mechanical Products Overview

Polyguard's Mechanical Products Division specializes in Pipe and Duct weatherproofing with "peel 'n stick" vapor barrier, Insulation Jacket and Cladding Systems; both rubberized bitumen (self-healing) and acrylic adhesion systems for ALL WEATHER installation. Our product line consists of both interior and exterior vapor and weatherproof barrier membranes.


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Alumaguard® Family of Weatherproof Jacketing 


Alumaguard® - a foil faced UV resistant, vapor barrier and weather barrier membrane, self-stick, self-healing, with a zero perm rating; for use on exterior duct and piping, and vessels. Alumaguard® is a high strength 56 mil membrane laminated to aluminum foil. Its elongation eliminates the need for ‘slip joints’, as it expands and contracts with the system without rupture or leakage. Alumaguard® out performs other common exterior weather barriers, laggings, or coatings, and, by providing exceptional UV protection, weather protection, vapor barrier, and mechanical protection; and simple ‘peel and stick’ installation!

Alumaguard® Cool Wrap™ - This technology is a "green" energy saving flexible cladding available in configurations for all of our Alumaguard® family of products. Cool Wrap™ technologies includes a matte white finish, it qualifies for LEED points. Meets solar reflectance and emissivity requirements of Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and California Title 24.

Alumaguard® All-Weather

Alumaguard® All-Weather -  is a marriage of Alumaguard® Lite and Alumaguard®. A product which has the self-healing properties of Alumaguard®, AND the low temperature adhesion of Alumaguard® Lite, the best of both worlds!

Alumaguard® All-Weather Cool Wrap™ - hybrid acrylic/rubberized asphalt low-temperature installation weather barrier, white high emissivity/reflectivity coated exterior self-healing membrane. Qualifies for LEED credits.

Alumaguard® Lite

Alumaguard® Lite -  is a competitive lightweight UV resistant weather barrier membrane for indoor or outdoor applications where physical abuse is not expected. Applied via acrylic adhesive (down to -10ºF), Alumaguard® Lite is a zero perm product. Alumaguard® Lite is available in smooth silver and embossed silver surface finishes.

Alumaguard® Lite Cool Wrap™ acrylic adhesive perfect barrier vapor and weather barrier, white high emissivity/reflectivity coated membrane for exterior use. Qualifies for LEED credits. Meets solar reflectance and emissivity requirements of Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and California Title 24.

Alumaguard® Lite White - is a designed to be used indoors for mechanical rooms, food production areas, on pipe systems and duct-work where a true zero perm vapor barrier is preferred or other indoor applications where a glossy white appearance is desired. This solution can also be used outdoors to weather-proof exterior insulated duct-work, piping or other insulated tanks, vessels and equipment. Qualifies for LEED credits.

ZEROPERM® Vapor Barrier Family

ZEROPERM® An aluminum foil/PET vapor barrier membrane for use under jacket. ZEROPERM® is white and reverses to silver on the other giving you the option of its outward appearance.

ZEROPERM® Tapes acrylic tapes made from ZEROPERM® membrane, available in 1”, 2”, 4”, and 35” widths. Narrow width tapes are available with a release liner, or in self-wound configurations.

Insulrap™ Family

Insulrap™ 30 NG

Insulrap™ 30-NG a white, 30 mil, smooth rubberized asphalt, zero-perm, self-sealing, under-jacket vapor barrier membrane. 

Insulrap™ 30-SJ NG a white, 30 mil, scrim reinforced rubberized asphalt, zero-perm, self-sealing, under-jacket vapor barrier membrane, the obvious choice of below ambient systems.

Insulrap™ 50 NG

Insulrap™ 50 NG a black, 50 mil, smooth rubberized asphalt vapor barrier membrane used for direct burial or under jacket. Tough polyethylene gives it exceptional strength, self-healing, and low perms make it the choice for clean backfill direct buried systems. 

Insulrap™ 50-SJ NG a black, 50 mil, scrim reinforced rubberized asphalt vapor barrier membrane used for direct burial or under jacket. The embedded scrim reinforcing gives it exceptional longitudinal stability, self-healing, and low perms make it the obvious choice of below ambient systems.

Insulrap™ JB

Insulrap™ JB is a self-adhesive multi-layer white PET/FOIL/PET zero perm membrane designed specifically for LNG and Cryogenic insulation systems.

Insulrap™ "No Torch" 125  is a thick, sturdy, 125 mil, heavy duty, vapor barrier membrane for hot and cold direct burial piping and steam system applications. A sturdy triple layer product constructed with a tough outside polymer film with scrim reinforcement laminated to a thick coating of rubberized asphalt, buried inside the rubberized asphalt is another tough polymer film laminated to aluminum foil resulting in thick peel and stick membrane with excellent resistance to moisture penetration and tremendous puncture resistance making it strong enough for the toughest backfill challenges and can be used in extended temperature ranges up to 180º F. And, like the name implies, you don't need a torch to install our Insulrap™ 125 product.

InsulShield™ is a puncture resistant "insurance" jacket installed over Insulrap™ products for in direct burial in ROCKY conditions. If you are not doing a sand backfill, you need to protect the Insulrap™ with the extra 400 psi of puncture resistance provided by InsulShield™.

Outerwrap™ is used on clean backfills to prevent damage to the Insulrap™ from soil stress. All that fresh dirt you piled over the pipe is going to settle, without a ‘slip-sleeve’ to absorb that movement, you will have issues.

RG-2400 Corrosion Control Gel Products

RG-2400 LT  Low temperature service gel (up to 250ºF).

RG-2400 NP  Low temperature service gel (up to 230ºF) for new piping systems, valves, tanks, & vessels.

RG-2400 AK  In-service HOT line applications and tank chime system installations (up to 250ºF).

RG-2400 ET  High temperature applications (up to 350ºF).

RG-CHW  Specially formulated to be used on chilled water systems with 40ºF - 100ºF temperature ranges.

RG-2401 Formulated for use on Down Hole Oil Well Corrosion protecting against annular space areas where specific gravity is an issue.

RG Cleaner Special cleaner for cleaning of tools, spills, & spray equipment when using RG-2400 products.

GeoWrap® Geotextile for high temperature uses to keep insulation clean for inspection cycles.

Alumaguard® Lite Weather barrier protection can be used in conjunction with RG-2400 products for un-insulated small diameter pipes to protect from UV, and dirt.

AccuTrowel™ Tool set custom designed to accurately gauge mil thickness coverage on pipes measuring from 2" - 12" in diameter.

DuPont™ StyrofoamXPS PIB

DuPont™ Styrofoam™ XPS PIB a closed-cell thermal plastic, void free, seamless foam insulation billet designed for mechanical fabrication design and manufacturing. Available in 3 standard sizes:  7” x 14” x 108”,   8” x 16” x 108”, and 10” x 20” x 108”.

Accessory Products

Alumaguard® Air Release Valves  relieves pressure related stress under bottom of ducts, our miniature one-way air release valve van be easily installed in the bottom of the duct to relieve air pressure, and you can install as many as are required.

VaporGuard™ Tape a butyl tape used on ammonia and cold systems as vapor stops, vapor stops at terminations and expansion joints.

AlumaWrap™ a 4 MIL cross linked polyethylene film which is laminated to a 0.7 MIL natural aluminum foil.

CA-9™ and CA-14™ Mastics for use on below ground corrosion protection on pipes, tanks, valves, mechanical couplings and irregular shaped steel structures. 

IRO (Impact Resistant Outerwrap) Strong fiberglass wrap impregnated with water activated polyurethane resin that hardens in minutes to a thermoset composite creating an impact and abrasion resistant sleeve for bored pipe applications.

Low Temperature Solvent Based Activator - Solvent based activator provides excellent adhesion to substrate for low temperature applications of waterproofing/vapor barrier systems.

NHT-5600™ 2-Part Epoxy  VOC-free epoxy with extended pot life.

Tank Chime Systems