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PolyPhen™ Insulation Fittings, Elbows, and T's

PolyPhen™ Insulation by Polyguard

The Polyguard PolyPhen® phenolic insulation is one component in our PolyPhen® system including a range of rigid foam insulation densities designed for piping systems, tanks, vessels and ductwork in commercial and industrial applications.

The PolyPhen® phenolic rigid foam insulation products, have thermal conductivities ranging from 0.17 - .24 Btu in/hr ft2  and can be used to insulate surfaces operating within the temperature range of -290°F to +250°F (-180°C to + 120°C), and is manufactured to provide optimum thermal performance and flame resistance, low smoke emissions, environmental safety, and efficient cost.

PolyPhen 2500
2.5 Lb. Density, Pink/Red, 8.3 Ft. Long, 3 Ft. Wide, 2.5 Ft. High, 750 Brd. Ft. in Billet.

PolyPhen 3750
3.75 Lb. Density, Yellow/White, 8.3 Ft. Long, 3 Ft. Wide, 2.5 Ft. High, 750 Brd. Ft. in Billet.

PolyPhen 5000
5.0 Lb. Density, Orange, 8.3 Ft. Long, 3 Ft. Wide, 2.5 Ft. High, 750 Brd. Ft. in Billet.

PolyPhen 7500
7.5 Lb. Density, Green, 8.3 Ft. Long, 3 Ft. Wide, 2.3 Ft. High, 700 Brd. Ft. in Billet.

Providing a consistently high quality product means supplying insulation that, not only has a very high thermal efficiency, but is consistently preformed to fit the application. The use of computer cutting technology by specialist fabricators throughout North America increases the value of an insulation system.

Polyguard has engineering specifications and support for any project you may specify, cold or hot.

Polyguard offers a complete line of RG-2400 corrosion stopping and prevention gel products for refrigeration, heating, and chilled water piping systems.

Polyguard offers a complete line of zero perm rated flexible cladding and vapor barrier products such as the Alumaguard® family, the Insulrap™ family, and ZEROPERM® films.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality closed cell, efficient insulation
  • Accurately fabricated, tight fitting insulation
  • Firmly butted and sealed offset joints
  • Vapor stops as needed
  • Continuous, sealed ZeroPerm vapor barrier
  • Mechanical and weather cladding