Insulrap™ JB

Insulrap JB is a self-adhesive multi-layer white PET/FOIL/PET zero perm membrane designed specifically for LNG and Cryogenic insulation systems. The product is constructed of a proprietary Polyguard butyl compound, which is a peel and stick self-sealing with excellent low temperature adhesion and flexibility, it can be installed down to 0ºF. 

Insulrap JB is designed specifically for Cryogenic insulation systems as an integral primary vapor barrier. A "Perfect Barrier" having a perm rating of 0.0000 perms; puncture resistance of 70 PSI, and elongation of 70%. Standard available roll dimensions are 35" x 75' and 4" x 50'; 23" x 75' by special order.

Insulrap JB has been tested for cold cyclical application on LNG type installations and is an integral component in Polyguard's Ultimate Corrosion Proof, Vapor Proof Insulation System.

Companion Products:

RG-2400 is applied first to the pipe to prevent corrosion.

ZEROPERM® Vapor Barrier is used around the 2nd insulation layer, prior to applying Insulrap™ JB Butyl Vapor Barrier, which is applied around the 3rd insulation layer, prior to the metal jacket.

 VaporGuard™ Tape is a self-adhesive butyl sealant for use in vapor stops, expansion joints, and terminations on ammonia systems. 

ZEROPERM® Tapes Two types of tapes are available to complete field installations, both use a high quality, acrylic adhesive with excellent cold weather performance. ZEROPERM® A Tape has a kraft release liner and is typically used for sealing longitudinal and circumferential laps. ZEROPERM® Self-Wound Tape has no liner, and is used on valves and fittings.

Installing Insulrap™

Features & Benefits

  • can be installed down to 0ºF
  • peel and stick
  • Butyl Compound
  • Zero-perm
  • Designed for LNG and Cryogenic insulation systems
  • puncture resistant to 70 PSI
  • Elongation of 70%
  • Cold cyclical application on LNG installations