XPS Sub-Freezing Systems

The Perfect System Approach to
Insulation Systemssub-freezing systems

Polyguard RG-2400  applied to a rusted pipe or new pipe, will stop and prevent corrosion on ferrous metal piping systems — our mineralization technology puts an end to corrosion.

DOW® Styrofoam™ XPS insulation in double layered configuration with staggered joints is the preferred insulation of choice by ammonia engineers and end users.

Polyguard VaporGuard™ Tape butyl vapor stop tape for all vapor stop locations, vapor terminations, and expansion joints. Complete vapor stops from the pipe to the next layer of insulation, then up to the final jacket.

Polyguard Vapor Barrier membranes, from ZEROPERM® to our self-healing zero perm vapor barrier Insulrap™ 30-SJ. You can even use one of our Alumaguard® products which serves as your zero perm vapor barrier AND weather barrier. Alumaguard® Cool Wrap (a white Alumaguard) would be the perfect jacketing system for an ammonia system.

Polyguard Products can provide technical information and services pertaining to thickness calculations, design criteria & guidelines, installation recommendations, recommended system uses.

sub-freezing systems

XPS 2-Layer System with I-30

sub-freezing systems

XPS Fittings

sub-freezing systems

XPS 3-Layer System with RG & I-30