Insect Exclusion


Opportunities for PMP's with non-chemical physical termite barriers:

Insect Exclusion / Pest Barrier Opportunities for PMP's


Sustainable Opportunities for Pest Management Professionals

Exposed perimeter

Subterranean termites

Pest Barrier

Applied in both new construction and existing structures, TERM Particle Barrier uses precisely sized and shaped stones to create a physical barrier which termites can neither move aside or squeeze through. Perodic maintenance by the PMP is required.

Plumbing penetration treatment
Subterranean termites

TERM™ Penetration Sealant Barrier Installation

By applying TERM Sealant Barrier to plumbing penetrations during construction or remodeling, a permanent barrier prevents entry of subterranean termites.

Bath trap

Subterranean termites

Bath Trap Insect Exclusion

Applying TERM Particle Barrier to bath traps and mop sinks excludes entry by subterranean termites.

Bath trap treatment
Subterranean termites and other pests

TERM™ Bath Trap Screen Barrier

Applying TERM Particle Barrier along with TERM Micromesh, Flashing, and Sealant Barriers excludes both termites and other pests from entry to the structure.