Highway Products Overview

NW-75 Pavement Underseal Membrane

Designed for concrete or asphalt  repair on localized areas with failure amounting to less than 10% of the pavement surface area. The membrane is used prior to an asphalt overlay. If placed on joints and cracks of pavement it will not only waterproof but also reduce the extent and severity of reflective cracking. If installed on bridge decks, it acts as a waterproofing membrane, protecting and reinforcing steel in the deck from corrosion. The non-woven open fibers of the geotextile fabric backing on NW-75 provides a strong mechanical bond to the asphalt overlay.

665 Pavement Underseal & Waterproofing Membrane

A very tough self-adhering Peel-n-Stick waterproofing membrane for bridge decks, parking garages and joint & crack repairs. The woven polypropylene mesh fabric backing has a strong puncture resistance. The membrane is cold-applied and requires no special adhesives or heating equipment.

Cold Flex 2000 Pavement Repair Membranes

Applied to cracks or joints on an old pavement prior to installation of a new asphalt overlay, reduces the occurrence and severity of reflective cracking in the new overlay. Additionaly, the membrane will act as an "umbrella" over the old crack or joint, reducing the amount of rain or runoff moisture which penetrates the old pavement surface and reaches the pavement base.

Heavy Duty Membranes for Airport Pavement

  • 1100 Highway Membrane (for use in Ohio) A heavy duty hot applied bridge deck waterproofing membrane with two thick layers of high strength polymeric fabric used for backing and reinforcement reducing the occurrence and severity of reflective cracking and waterproofs the underlying surface.

Accessory Highway Products:


NW-75 application on newly paved asphalt