Asphalt Rehabilitation

Joint & Crack Repair on Asphalt Pavements or Parking Lots

If a parking lot or asphalt street has areas of localized failure amounting to 10% or less of the pavement surface area, Polyguard's NW-75 Pavement Waterproofing Underseal may be the answer to preventing future pavement failure.

Localized areas of failure usually indicate a weakness in the subgrade. The weakness causes the asphalt in that area to crack. Once water enters the subgrade through the crack, the rate of failure accelerates, resulting in a bad spot in the pavement.

Parking lot owners often experience failure in the same localized areas after a rehabilitation and overlay, even if the area has been dug out and repaired.

Polyguard's NW-75 has been used successfully by many local governments and parking lot owners for repair of asphalt pavement prior to overlay. The NW-75 performs two functions. First, it provides reinforcement against cracking and breakup. Second, if and when a crack occurs, water will not penetrate the waterproofing seal built into the NW-75.

The value of Polyguard pavement underseal membranes has been widely documented by multiple state DOT research projects. Polyguard underseals provide a permanent seal underneath the pavement, and reduce the amount and severity of pavement cracking.

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NW-75 Membrane

Parking lots and residential streets, such as this one in the Pacific northwest, are ideal for application of Polyguard NW-75. The asphalt rehabilitation membrane is applied only to localized areas of failure prior to paving with a new overlay.