650 RC Liquid Adhesive

Polyguard 650 RC Liquid Adhesive is an asphaltic solvent-based liquid adhesive which meets ASTM D-41, which replaces FS-SS-A-701.

Procedures to Follow:

On all concrete bridge deck or milled pavement surfaces - Liquid Adhesive should always be used.

On new asphalt pavement surfaces - Liquid Adhesive is not necessary unless the temperature is too cool to obtain a good bond between membrane and pavement. This condition can occur between 40ºF and 50ºF.

On old asphalt or concrete pavement surfaces (except milled surfaces) - Liquid Adhesive is not required if pavement temperature is over 70ºF, and rising. If the temperature is under 70ºF, Liquid Adhesive is recommended.

Application Procedures:
  • 650 RC Liquid Adhesive must be stirred each day prior to use.
  • Surfaces must be dry. clean and free from frost, dust, oil or other foreign matter that would be detrimental to the adhesion of the membrane.
  • Normal 650 RC Liquid Adhesive coverage is approximately 400 sq. ft. per gallon (250 sq. ft per gallon on milled surfaces).
  • 650 RC Liquid Adhesive must be applied to the surface is entirely coated.
  • Drying time varies due to temperature and humidity,
  • 650 RC Liquid Adhesive is ready for membrane application when it does not adhere to fingertips when touched lightly.
  • Primed surfaces must be reprimed if the membrane is not applied within 24 hours.

Companion Product used with:

NW-75 Pavement Underseal Membrane

665 Membrane

Features & Benefits

  • Used as a primer
  • Enhances bond between membrane and pavement
  • Easy to apply
  • Meets ASTM D-41 requirements

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