Polyguard Welcomes 17 to Employee Ownership

Polyguard ESOP 2017

Polyguard ESOP 2017

ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products, Inc. recently held its 30th annual Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) dinner at Winding Brooks Event Venue where 17 new employees received their first account statement.

Polyguard’s ESOP is a broad-based ownership plan where employees become owners with no out-of-pocket contribution of their own. Polyguard is a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP and currently has two ESOP millionaires currently working with the company, and that number is expected to grow in the coming years. An ESOP is a retirement plan which is in addition to the 401(k) and matching contribution already offered by the company. Its value is based on the stock price of the company, which is up more than 300 percent since 2010. This year’s ESOP contribution is roughly 15 percent of eligible employees’ salaries.

“We take pride in the culture we’ve developed here at Polyguard, and we’ve been able to do that because we are an employee-owned company,” President Shawn Eastham said. “It’s great to see our employee owners are working together to build on their futures. This is a rare opportunity that only a small portion of American workers can benefit from.”

Polyguard, with 24 consecutive years of sales growth, currently employees 13 owners who own 1 percent of more of the company and has over 100 total employee owners. Polyguard recently began limited production at its new Corsicana facility, which more than doubles the company’s manufacturing space. Most of Polyguard’s production and shipping will be handled in Corsicana by the end of summer 2017.

“Our strategic plans include doubling the size of the company by 2021, and that will directly benefit those who will help us get there – our employee owners,” Eastham said.

Polyguard’s ESOP began in the mid-1980s after John and Kathy Muncaster bought the company and wanted to build the type of culture where employees have a direct impact in not only their own personal success but also that of the company.

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Polyguard’s Progress

Corsicana Meets Needs of Growing Company | News | CorsicanaDailySun.com:

Polyguard Corsicana Plant Polyguard Corsicana Plant Polyguard Corsicana Plant Polyguard Corsicana Plant

Polyguard President Shawn Eastham and Director of Marketing Tre Bischof, invited the Corsicana Daily Sun inside its Corsicana plant recently for an exclusive update on the companies’ progress.

While Eastham admits plans have been hindered because of the rain, much work has been done inside and outside the building and the warehouse area is already in use.Last year Polyguard Products, Inc. out of Ennis purchased the 380,000 square foot former Chattanooga glass plant on Highway 287 in Corsicana with plans to expand its manufacturing capacity.

The expansion is expected to bring a $10 million investment to the community and create an additional 80 jobs over the next few years.

Polyguard specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. The company exports to over 30 countries and its products have been used in projects as big as Disney World, The Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Park in Arlington and the Perot Museum.

It plans to increase its production capabilities, and its research and development capacity, and the new building more than doubles the company’s current building assets.

“We had outgrown our Ennis facility,” Eastham said. “The expansion of our manufacturing capacity and addition of new technology will help us maintain our leadership position of providing the highest quality products to the industries we serve.”

In addition to expanding its manufacturing and warehouse space, Polyguard also needed more space to create new products.

“All our research and development is now done in Corsicana,” Bischof said. “We needed to expand our lab as well.”

Eastham said the company invented 60 percent of the products it makes.

A two-story glass office is planned for completion by next year. The finished grounds will include an eight-foot fence with three controlled access gates. The entire area will be landscaped with a pond and pavilion to provide an appealing “gateway to Corsicana” for drivers exiting from Highway 45.

Interior amenities include a huge employee lounge area which will have vending machines and a big-screen television with an Xbox. Tile floors and wood ceilings give the break room a “lodge” feel and should be a welcome change from the otherwise industrial surroundings.

Polyguard tries to use local materials and contractors when possible.

“Watkins Development has been fabulous,” Eastham said.

“We use a lot of Corsicana labor,” Bischof said. “We use local hardware stores and lumber yards.”

Polyguard is a 100 percent employee-owned Employee Stock Ownership Plan and currently has two ESOP millionaires working with the company, and that number is expected to grow in the coming years.

An ESOP is a retirement plan which is in addition to the 401(k) and matching contribution already offered by the company. Its value is based on the stock price of the company.

Juan Alvarado, who has been an employee with the company for 30 years, has over half-a-million dollars in his ESOP and owns more than one percent of the company.

“Polyguard’s ESOP allows us to create a culture based on teamwork and pride,” Eastham said. “All the employees get a chance to share in the success of the company. Our employees act like owners because they are owners. They don’t have to contribute anything but work.”

Most operations will be moved to Corsicana by the end of June, with everything but the office moved by the end of 2017.

 The company plans to show off its finished plant with an open house toward the end of this year or the beginning of 2018.

“Our financial performance has been really good the last few years, but I believe it will be even better in the years to come,” Eastham said. “Our strategic goal is to double the size of the company again by 2020 through acquisitions and organic growth, and we’re well on the way to making that goal a reality.”

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Polyguard Corsicana PlantPolyguard Corsicana PlantPolyguard Corsicana PlantPolyguard Corsicana Plant


Polyguard To Present At Building Envelope Symposium

DALLAS, TX – Polyguard Products, Inc. has been invited to participate in a Building Envelope Weatherization Symposium in Dallas and Austin next month.

David Leslie, Director of Technical Services for Polyguard’s Architectural Division, will be a panelist on May 2 at the Meridian Business Centers in Dallas on Tuesday, May 2. Phil Funkhouser, Southwest Regional Manager for Polyguard, will be on the panel Thursday, May 4 at the Peachtree Social House in Austin.

Representatives from industry leaders will be on hand to discuss a variety of topics related to protecting the building envelope. Polyguard will be on hand to discuss and answer questions regarding Chemical Resistant Membranes in an Integrated Building Envelope. The full day programs are CEU accredited programs.
“The building envelope represents approximately 10 percent of the building cost and Moisture Intrusion represents 90 percent of Construction Litigation,” according to the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 24 consecutive years of sales growth. [Read More…]

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Polyguard Earns 1st Place in National Video Contest

ENNIS, TX – The National Center for Employee Ownership announced Polyguard Products Inc. was the winner of its inaugural video contest earlier this month at its annual conference in Denver. The purpose of the video contest, open to all Employee Stock Ownership Plan companies throughout the nation, was to highlight the benefits of employee ownership and focus on the culture behind what makes those companies so unique.

“We’re proud of our culture of employee ownership and it’s great to be recognized by our peers as a first-rate ESOP Company,” said President Shawn Eastham, who was in attendance for the announcement. “We pride ourselves in hiring the best of the best, and this further exemplifies the talent level of our employee owners.”

Polyguard employee owners Cecilio Acosta and Emily Abrams were the directors on this year’s video project which can be found on YouTube by searching Polyguard as well as on the www.polyguard.com website.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 24 consecutive years of sales growth.

The NCEO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership and research organization with over 3,000 members that was founded in 1981 to provide most objective and reliable information possible on employee ownership.

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“Expansion Against Headwings” | World Pipelines

16 March 2017 – “Expansion Against Headwings” | World Pipelines

World Pipelines

Polyguard has purchased a new facility in the town of Corsicana, Texas that more than doubles the manufacturing capabilities.

The global oil and gas industry is currently experiencing leaner times due to depressed pricing. In spite of this challenging macro-economic environment, Polyguard Products Inc. has announced that at the end of its most recent fiscal year it has completed 24 years of unbroken sales expansion. This means since 1992 total sales have always exceeded the prior year’s sales. To accommodate this growth, Polyguard purchased a new facility in the town of Corsicana, Texas (close to the existing facilities in Ennis, Texas) that more than doubles the manufacturing capabilities. This facility will open in the middle of 2017 and represents a significant capital investment.

Polyguard’s headquarters will remain open in Ennis while a majority of its manufacturing will be moved to Corsicana with no projected slowdowns in product during the move. Many of the processes will be improved and an increase in efficiency is expected, with an eye on further growth in the future, made possible by revenue growth and a new, larger home for the manufacturing facility. The proximity of Ennis to Corsicana (less than 25 miles south of Ennis on Interstate 45), means all current employees will remain with the company during the transition.Polyguard believes that innovation and differentiation are crucial elements to the company’s nearly quarter century of uninterrupted expansion. Likewise, staff motivation and being diversified across multiple industry sectors, such as building products and mechanical insulation, among others, is important. As a 100% Employee Stock Owned company, almost all employees are stake holders in the overall success. But certainly, constant expansion is a strong statement about the caliber of the products that Polyguard produces and the relationship Polyguard has with its customers. Not to mention their longevity in markets and the loyalty displayed by Polyguard customers, for which the company is grateful: as growth can be simply defined as keeping the existing customers you have while acquiring more every year.For those potential customers amongst the readers of this article, Polyguard would like to emphasise the company’s focus on differentiation. Sometimes in the minds of someone unfamiliar with the benefits of a Polyguard product, the fact the product is different is viewed negatively. But firstly, in any graduate business school they teach one of the fundamental keys to being successful is the ability to differentiate your products or services from the competition. So if someone accustomed to standardisation sees something is different, the first instinct can be to disregard it as “non-compliant” or negative in any case. But the root of innovation is to improve on existing designs or otherwise design a better, more efficient, or more effective way to achieve an objective or function. So by criticizing something as “non-standardised” or different often one could be missing the whole point of progress in technology. In fact, it is the company’s opinion the solutions offered by Polyguard represent creative and innovative approaches to the challenges faced by the industries Polyguard services.Polyguard recognises sometimes the solutions it offers are not “one size fits all”, but perhaps the financial results of Polyguard demonstrate the repeated success and market confidence in their products. Polyguard has expressed how the company feels honoured to get such consistent positive market feedback in the form of expanded sales every year without interruption for almost a quarter century. This validates that the global markets do want companies that innovate and differentiate themselves from the mass market pack. So if you are a potential user of one of the products Polyguard manufactures, make contact and see which products could be of use to you. It is safe to say time has proven them successful.Read more: https://www.worldpipelines.com/special-reports/16032017/expansion-against-headwings/

Polyguard Donates $5K to Corsicana Boys and Girls Club

ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products, Inc. is pleased to announce its 2017 donation of $5,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Corsicana, Texas.

The Boys and Girls Club of Corsicana is Polyguard’s charity of choice in Corsicana for 2017. In addition, Polyguard employee and Corsicana resident Erin Tackett has joined the group’s board of directors.

“The Boys and Girls Club meets Polyguard’s goal of donating funds to support programs that further education and help children in the communities in which we work,” Tre Bischof, Polyguard’s Director of Marketing, said. “We are excited about the wonderful facility and worthwhile programs at the Corsicana club and we look forward to seeing the club’s members flourish under the guidance and tutelage of the amazing staff in Corsicana.”

News - Boys and Girls Club 3-2-17

Polyguard Products, Inc donates $5k to Corsicana Boys & Girls Club March 2017

“Familiarizing the Unfamiliar” by Luc Perrad

Familiarizing the UnfamiliarWorld Pipelines article February 2017 discusses how non-shielding coating is being introduced into the European and African pipeline markets.

While the differentiation can shock those who are familiar with standardization, it is the key to innovation. If manufacturers are not innovating, they are merely competing in a commoditised market on pricing. Eventually, in may cases, quality decreases as price takes over as a dominant factor. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that a differentiated coating system can be more advanced in its design.

Polyguard specializes in products that protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water and other undesired substances., In 1998, Polyguard's pipeline division introduced the Polyguard RD-6® pipeline coating to the US market. It is the first pipeline coating to address the problem of cathodic protection (CP) shielding and is a wrapping material that comprises a continuous layer of cold-flowable rubberized bitumen, bonded to a non-elastic polypropylene mesh backing.

While RD-6 coating has been, and still is, successfully used in the North American market, it is now also available worldwide. Since 2014, RD-6 has been being introduced into the Western European market along with key countries in Africa.

Introducing RD-6 to these markets has been particularly challenging because they are driven by European and ISO standards. These standards refer primarily to polyethylene (PE) materials, which the RD-6 coating does not contain.

The German Deutsches Institute for Normung (DIN) was one of the first organizations to publish standards in Europe. In 1975, DIN was made the national normalization institute to represent German interests at European and international levels. Its standards, such as DIN 30670 for main line coatings and DIN 30672 for field applied coatings, are specifically fit for extruded PE and cold or hot applied PE tapes and shrinkable materials.

The European Committee for Standardization publishes European norms (EN). For field applied coatings, EN12068 (published in August 1998) is largely based on the requirements of DIN 30672. Similar to DIN 30672, EN12068 standard fits perfectly for PE materials.

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TERM® Barrier Systems Become GreenPro Partner

ENNIS, TX – TERM Barrier Systems by Polyguard Products Inc. is now a GreenPro Partner.

The National Pest Management Association’s GreenPro program is the world’s largest and most credible green certification program for pest management professionals. GreenPro recognizes companies within the pest management industry that are committed to providing commercial and residential customers with reduced risk, comprehensive, and effective pest control services.

The GreenPro Partner designation allows the TERM Barrier System to be used as a tool by builders, architects, and GreenPro PartnerQualityPro certified Pest Management Professionals in a pest prevention strategy. For more information on the TERM Barrier System and ways in which it may be integrated into a GreenPro program, please visit www.polyguardbarriers.com.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard produces materials to protect buildings from moisture, corrosion, and energy leaks. Polyguard’s TERM Barriers, the latest innovation, means that buildings can have insect exclusion added to the moisture, corrosion, and energy leak protection. Polyguard is 100% employee owned, and has generated 24 successive years of sales increases since 1992. [Read More...]

Plastics help keep termites out of the New American Home

Plastics help keep termites out of the New American Home

New American HomeOrlando, Fla. - Walk inside the New American Home (TNAH) 2017 and a couple steps beyond the entry area you find yourself outside again...

Polyguard CEO John Muncaster said the wrap, which was developed with entomologists at Texas A&M University, has a thick polyethylene backing to keep bugs, particularly termites, at bay. The top layer is made of a polypropylene fabric so concrete can bond with the fibers if it’s used as a barrier for the underslab, which is a common entry point for subterranean termites. A proprietary sealant is used to hold the plastic fiber and film together.

“This has been tested long term in the lab and in the field and it resists termites,” Muncaster said. “We don’t why. We don’t know everything about what makes them tick.”

The combination of the sealant and two plastics simply can’t be penetrated by voracious-eating termites. The three materials seem to have sound-deadening qualities for the insects, and that could be factor, Muncaster said, or it could be related to the barrier’s odor and moisture control.

“We’re putting the house in a sealant bag, really,” he said. “Not only the bottom, where so many insects come in, but up the walls at the seams there can be openings. Our goal is to seal all gaps wherever possible. You can almost keep all insects out.”

In new construction, if incorporated into the design stage, the Term system can seal plumbing openings, bath traps, base flashing, window flashing, vent holes, flooring underlayment and joints in addition to foundation and underslab barriers. No system can keep out every bug, but this one comes close, Muncaster said.

In remodeled houses, the Term system can protect sill plates, seam and window flashing, underlayments for replaced floors, and more if it’s a major renovation.

“We think it has the potential to take sustainable construction up another level and help people live better and more comfortably,” Muncaster said, noting that water and energy conservation have long been goals of green builders. “We’ve got something new. I don’t think anybody in America has ever taken a systems look at construction to exclude insects and other pests. That’s what we’re doing.”

Polyguard’s barrier system also was used at the 4,631-square-foot the New American Remodeled Home (TNARH), which NAHB did this year for the first time since 2007. It’s in the same gated community. [read more...]

TERM® Barrier Systems Adds Sustainability in New American Home Project

ENNIS, TX – TERM® Barrier Systems by Polyguard Products Inc., a sustainable non chemical insect barrier system, is installed in The New American Home Build, which will be unveiled at the annual International Builders Show in Orlando, Fla. this week.

TERM Barriers are building envelope components which in addition to providing protection against moisture and energy leaks, provide barriers to block insects, including subterranean termites, from entering the home. TERM Barrier testing began at Texas A&M University in 1999, and has expanded to other major universities in the southeastern United States.

Products installed in the new home build and/or the renovated home included the TERM Sealant Barrier, TERM Full Bath Trap Barrier, TERM Flooring Underlayment Barrier, and TERM Particle Barrier. More details can be found online at https://polyguardproducts.com/term/architects/tnah/.

The New American Home is a real-world laboratory demonstrating concepts, builder’s best practices, energy efficiency, NAHB green building, building materials designs and construction techniques that can be replicated – in whole or in part – in housing built in any place and in any price range. This year’s home, designed by Phil Kean Design Group, was completed in about 10 months, and normally would take anywhere between 18 and 24 months to complete.

For more information about The New American Home, visit www.tnah.com or by searching The New American Home 2017 on YouTube. [Read More…]

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