Polyguard: TERM® All Pest Bath Trap Barrier: My PMP “Product of the Day”

TERM™ Bath Trap BarrierOctober 28, 2015 – MyPMP.net

The TERM All Pest Bath Trap Barrier is installed after the concrete slab is poured and rough plumbing is complete. The non-chemical barrier blocks termites, fire ants, rats, mice and moles from entry through bath traps (blockouts) in a slab. The components include TERM Particle Barrier, liquid adhesive/primer, TERM 018 Micro Mesh Barrier, TERM Flashing Barrier and TERM Sealant Barrier. Although the system blocks pests, the porous nature of its components allows water to drain from the bath area into the base below. Under normal circumstances, application of pesticides to the bath trap area should be unnecessary during the life of the structure, and no maintenance should be required. [Click Here]

World Pipelines – Coatings & Corrosion 2015

Cathodic disbondment or self-healing?World Pipelines – Coatings & Corrosion 2015 – Cathodic Disbondment or self-healing? Nathan Muncaster, Polyguard Products, USA, and Luc Perrad, Expartech, Belgium, discuss cathodic disbondment testing and its importance within the industry. By definition, cathodic disbondment is the loss of adhesion between a coating and its metal substrate, due to cathodic chemical reactions that take place in the interface of steel and coating. In cathodic protection system, current passing through the metal frees hydrogen gas and oxidative molecules like chlorine and hypochlorite-ions, causing coating disbondment. This current passes only through the metal exposed to the electrolyte where the coating is in default. The current flow amount depends on the size of the coating fault. If the size of the fault increases, the current increases, causing more cathodic disbondment. If there is no coating fault, then cathodic disbondment does not occur. [Read More…]

Polyguard Releases Next Generation of Insulrap Products

September 3, 2015   ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products, Inc. Vice President of Mechanical Products Patrick Dunn announces the release of the next generation of Insulrap products to the market.

“We have upgraded the entire line of Insulrap products, leading the way to the next generation of flexible asphalt and butyl membranes; the upgrades include achieving zero perm on all membranes, and by embedding scrim on the SJ products, we have also achieved enhanced lap adhesion on all Insulrap products,” Dunn said.

Products included in the launch are: Insulrap JB (white), Insulrap 30-NG-Smooth (now white), Insulrap 30-SJ-NG, Insulrap 50-SJ-NG (now black), Insulrap 50-NG-Smooth (now black) and Insulrap 125-NG-No Torch (black).

Polyguard’s Insulrap products are used on insulated piping in refrigeration, cryogenic and chemical processing applications. The product is proven in the market, having been applied on millions of square feet of insulated pipe for over 20 years with an excellent rate of success.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production of self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 22 consecutive years of sales growth. [Read more]

Polyguard Launches New Website

Polyguard OfficeJune 28, 2015 ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products, Inc. CEO John Muncaster announced this week the launch of a new, redesigned website for the company.

The address for the site remains www.polyguardproducts.com and the new site provides a modern look along with a mobile‐friendly version that’s also user‐friendly.

“Polyguard has grown significantly in recent years and we felt we needed to upgrade our website in a manner that would reflect that growth,” Muncaster said. “This new site has a traditional look to it that we feel represents our company very well. The website platform also allows for continuous
improvement of its features.”

Polyguard’s website upgrade follows an upgrade of its Architectural Division website made in late 2014.
The most recent upgrade also includes a redesign of Polyguard’s Pipeline Division.

Features of the new site include product pages, with easy‐to‐find documents about each product on
those pages, a more powerful search feature, as well as links to Polyguard’s social media sites. In the
near future, Polyguard will upgrade its Mechanical Division, International Division, TERM Barrier Division
and Residential Division pages. [Read More]

Alumaguard® Lite White featured in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

June 17, 2015
Alumaguard® Lite White Flexible Cladding Membrane for Indoor Use

Alumaguard® Lite WhitePolyguard Products, Ennis, Texas, released Alumaguard® Lite White, a peel-and-stick membrane designed to be used indoors for mechanical rooms, food production areas, on pipe systems and ductwork where a true zero perm vapor barrier is preferred or other indoor applications where a glossy white appearance is desired. This solution can also be used outdoors to weather-proof exterior insulated ductwork, piping or other insulated tanks, vessels and equipment.

The easy-to-apply membrane meets ASTM 84 25/50 smoke and flame requirements. For outdoor application, it provides enhanced resistance to a broad range of chemical exposures and can be applied in temperatures as low as 10°F. [Read More…]

Alumaguard® Lite White Data Sheet

Introducing Alumaguard® Lite White

June 16, 2015
Polyguard’s Mechanical division introduces another product to the Alumaguard® family

Alumaguard® Lite White primarily for indoor use

ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products’ Mechanical Division has announced the release of its newest product,
Alumaguard® Lite White, to its family of flexible cladding membranes.

Alumaguard® Lite White

Alumaguard® Lite White

Alumaguard Lite White is a peel‐and‐stick membrane primarily designed to be used indoors for mechanical rooms, food production areas or other indoor applications where a glossy white appearance is desired, and outdoors to weather‐proof exterior insulated ductwork, piping or other insulated tanks, vessels and equipment. It can also be used indoors on pipe systems and ductwork where a true zero perm vapor barrier is preferred. The easy‐to‐apply membrane meets ASTM 84 25/50 smoke and flame requirements. For outdoor application, it provides enhanced resistance to a broad range of chemical exposures and can be applied in temperatures as low as 10°F.

[Read More…]

[Data Sheet]

June 2015 Polyguard Products article featured in InnovOil Magazine “RD-6: When is a tape not a tape?”

June 2015
Polyguard Products article featured in InnovOil Magazine
“RD-6: When is a tape not a tape?” by Nate Muncaster

InnovOil 6-2015 "RD-6: When is a tape not a tape"In terms of modern pipeline protection, “tape” has very negative connotations . It is associated with failure as a result of disbonding, wrinkling and shielding on cathodic protection, all of which can occur once the tape has lost its adhesion to the surface. In the US market, multi-layer polyethylene tapes have more or less been dead technology for decades, now used by only small fringe of the industry.

In response, Polyguard developed the RD-6® Coating System – the “tape that is not a tape” – in the late 1980s. It differentiates itself from older tape in its application and performance, offering far superior adhesion and added resistance to elongation – a customized polypropylene mesh means it will resist wrinkling from soil stress. The coating is a self-healing, one-layer system which can be applied faster and more simply – it doesn’t need time to cure – than multi-layer tape systems. [Read more…]

North Texas DEC Member’s Company, Polyguard Products, Speaks Out Regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Export Council 6-3-15 imageJune 3, 2015

North Texas DEC Member’s Company, Polyguard Products, Speaks Out Regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership | District Export Councils of Texas

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBSDFW.COM) – CBS 11 News’ Karen Borta traveled to the White House to interview President Barack Obama about the proposed major trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Supporters say it will increase wages and lead to more jobs. But critics say they don’t believe that will happen.
The President told CBS11 the deal would keep jobs here, raise wages and open new markets. “The truth is this is going to be extraordinarily open,” says President Obama. “We don’t have an agreement yet, so it’s true what we haven’t laid out the actual agreement, this just gives us the authority to negotiate.”
President Obama says the trade deal being negotiated would put new standards in place that would help protect workers and the environment. And the President says it would help North Texas companies like Ennis-based Polyguard Products. The CEO there supports the deal. [Read More…]

Nov. 20, 2014 – Polyguard Boasts New Facility

November 20, 2014
Polyguard Boasts New Facility

ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products, Inc. celebrated a $500,000 renovation to a previously vacant office complex at an after-hours business event Thursday evening, put together by Polyguard at the Ennis Chamber of Commerce.

The new facility covers 5,000 square feet, and parts of the original 1970s structure were recycled for use in the new facility. There are 17 offices, two offices for traveling employees or visitors, three restrooms, two showers and a conference room big enough for 18 people, where a slideshow was presented Thursday evening showcasing employee satisfaction with the company. [Read More… ]