MECHANICAL DIVISION: Additional Release Liner Option

July 2, 2021


To: Alumaguard® All-Weather Customers

Subject: Additional Release Liner Option

Polyguard continues to do everything we can during this time of raw material shortages and price escalation to assure reliable supply of material to our loyal customers.

To that end, you will see a slight change in our All-Weather product within the next 60-90 days. We will be manufacturing All-Weather with a release liner printed in a repeat pattern with the Polyguard logo, and the adhesive used will no longer be tinted pink. This only effects the release liner and in no way changes the performance of the product. We are doing this to give us maximum flexibility in sourcing raw materials and in improving manufacturing efficiency. See graphic below.

In the future, we may revert back to making All-Weather with tinted adhesive again depending on raw material and manufacturing requirements at that time. The basic construction of All-Weather will not change; same laminate film, rubberized asphalt compound and cold weather adhesive. Only the release liner and adhesive color may vary.

Best Regards,

Tony Garone

Director, Marketing and Technical Support 419.351.0296

ENNIS, TEXAS 75120-0755

PH: 214-515-5000

E-Mail: Web Site:

NIA Announces the 2020 Safety Excellence Award Winners

Herndon, Virginia—March 19, 2021—The National Insulation Association (NIA) announced the 2020 Safety Excellence Award winners in conjunction with its Virtual Spring Summit, which took place online March 16–18, 2021.

Polyguard Product, Inc. – Ennis, TX received the Associate (Manufacturer) category Silver award.

NIA’s Safety Excellence Award is the only national award for outstanding safety performance in the mechanical insulation industry. NIA created the award program more than a decade ago to recognize top companies that have established structured safety programs to ensure the well-being of their employees and create safe working environments.

NIA’s Safety Excellence Award program honors four levels of excellence: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze for Associates (Manufacturers), Contractors,

Distributors/Fabricators, and Metal Building Laminators.

NIA’s Executive Vice President/CEO Michele M. Jones said, “In a year like no other, we are extremely proud to have a new record of 32 Platinum winners and to welcome 1 new first-time applicant. Each year, we honor our member companies that prioritize safety and make continuous improvements to their programs, and this year, we do so knowing that a strong and well communicated safety program is more important than ever.”

Throughout the judging process, applicant companies remain anonymous and winners are evaluated on the basis of their overall safety program, means of communication, and safety policy. All applicant companies receive an individualized and detailed Safety Training Analysis Results (STAR) Report™. The STAR Report includes personalized recommendations based on each applicant’s answers to the application questions.

Congratulations to all the winners, and NIA looks forward to recognizing each company in person at NIA’s 63rd Annual Convention, taking place October 26–28, 2021, at the MGM National Harbor. An archive of the award announcement will be available at

Applications for the 2021 Safety Award are now available on NIA’s website
( and are due on September 1, 2021.

Mechanical Division Adds Personnel

Ennis, TX –
Polyguard Products Mechanical Division is pleased to announce the following staffing additions.
Chris Parmele has recently joined the team as Business Development Manager. Chris brings over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and most recently worked for DuPont Performance Building Solutions as their Senior Industry Manager for the Cold Storage and Pipe insulation businesses. He has had roles in sales, marketing, and national account management. He received his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Central Michigan University. Chris is married to his high school sweetheart and they have three children, 11, 13 and 16.
He enjoys spending time with his family, working out or catching one of his kid’s frequent soccer or baseball games. Chris is based out of Roswell, GA.

Andrew Hiatt is joining the Mechanical team as the Midwest Regional Sales Manager. Andrew comes to Polyguard from Jeff-Co, where he gained experience in the Mechanical Insulation Industry as an independent representative. He has a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Purdue University. His hobbies include golf, volleyball, swimming, scuba diving, and being the world’s greatest uncle. Andrew is based in Indianapolis, IN.

According to Nate Brink, Sales Director, Mechanical Division, “the addition of Chris and Andrew will allow us to increase our focus on growth in the short term and maintain continuity as senior members of our team approach retirement.”

Polyguard’s Mechanical Division offers weather and vapor barrier systems to keep pipe and duct insulation dry as
well as a unique Reactive Gel® coating to stop corrosion under insulation (CUI). Polyguard is a 100% employee-owned ESOP.

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Polyguard Products Acquires Buckaroos


Polyguard Products (Polyguard), a Muncaster Capital Company and leading manufacturer of specialty coatings, announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Buckaroos, an innovator of insulated pipe support systems and pipe insulation protection shields. The deal is expected to close in January of 2020. Jeff Rebholz will remain under contract as President of Buckaroos for 2 years through a transition period.

“The acquisition of Buckaroos represents an important strategic opportunity to offer solutions that add value for facility owners, increase productivity, and contribute to a safer work environment in the industrial market,” said Polyguard and Muncaster Capital President Shawn Eastham. “We have been friends with Jeff for over 25 years and are excited to welcome the Buckaroos’ employees into our family.”

“Polyguard is a great fit for both my employees and customers. A big part of my decision to sell the company was knowing that Polyguard cares about the industry and has a long-term ownership vision, including being 100% employee owned,” said Jeff Rebholz, President of Buckaroos. “I’m excited to work with Polyguard to continue to strengthen the Buckaroos name and provide the industry with an unrivaled product offering.”

“This acquisition solidifies Polyguard’s position as the market leader in the Mechanical Insulation Industry,” said Nate Brink, Manager of Polyguard’s Mechanical Division. “We will continue to offer our customers a full range of solutions including XPS insulation, RG-2400 anti-corrosion coatings, vapor barriers, weatherproof jacketing along with Buckaroos line of saddles, tools, pre-insulated systems, and pipe supports.”

About Polyguard
Polyguard was founded in 1953 in Oklahoma and moved to Ennis, Texas in 1978. John (current CEO) and Kathy Muncaster purchased Polyguard in 1986. In 1987, John and Kathy decided to allow the employees to directly benefit from their hard work by offering all the employees an opportunity to be part of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In December 2014, the company became 100% employee owned through the ESOP. Additional information can be found at

About Buckaroos
Buckaroos was founded in 1990 by Jeff Rebholz and Mack Deichman. Jeff soon after acquired Mack’s shares of the business. The company’s initial product offering was the original Buckaroo Support. It resembles a cowboy hat and provides support for insulated piping as it rides on a saddle, hence the company name, “Buckaroos.” Buckaroos is the leading innovator of insulated pipe support systems and pipe insulation protection shields. Additional information can be found at

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Litigation Settled

Polyguard Products is pleased to announce settlement of the false advertising litigation “Polyguard Products, Inc. v. I.S.E.L., LLC”, in United State District Court of the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, Civil Action No. 3:17-cv-03218-M.  The settlement can be viewed as a victory for end users because the parties have agreed to claim only those anti-corrosion properties which are backed up by test results and to make those test results available to end users on their websites.  “ISEL won’t be able to claim anti-corrosion properties without actually conducting and publishing the test results” said Shawn Eastham, President of Polyguard.  “As we have asserted all along, both the ISEL and their private label products are not the same as the RG-2400 and can’t match our performance or successful track record.  We believe the potential environmental, safety, and lost productivity caused by Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) should require a rigorous evaluation process for CUI coatings”.

Mechanical Division – Pallet Configuration Changes

To: All Polyguard Mechanical Division Customers

Date: March 11, 2019

Subject: Changing Pallet Configuration

Over the next 60 to 90 days, we will be transitioning to new pallet configurations for our Mechanical Division Alumaguard, Insulrap and Zero Perm roll products. Roll products that currently ship as 36 roll pallets will be reduced to 30-roll pallets. Pre-paid freight requirements currently set at 2 pallets of 36 rolls (72 rolls) will now be 2 pallets of 30 rolls (60 rolls). Alumaguard All-Weather which currently ships as one pallet of 36 rolls prepaid will now ship as a 30-roll pallet pre-paid.

We're making these changes for two primary reasons: safety in stacking pallets in racks and better protection of the boxes to minimize damage in shipping.

Attached to this letter are photos of new pallet configurations for Insulrap 50 and Alumaguard All-Weather, as examples. You'll note that we will no longer put rows of rolls perpendicular to the previous row. Our box supplier indicated to us that rolls should be stacked and parallel to each other to maximize box strength. Reducing rolls per pallet to 30 significantly reduces the weight of the pallet; allows us to use a slightly smaller pallet; makes the pallets easier and safer to handle and stack in racks; and minimizes damage during transit.

We ask for your help in this transition. We currently have stock levels on our floor of various products in 36 roll pallets. We will no longer make any product for stock in a 36-roll pallet, but it will take us some time to work through the 36-roll pallets we have in inventory. It's unlikely we will be shipping any 30-roll pallets before the middle of April, but we would ask for your patience. Please continue to order based on 36-roll pallets until Customer Service alerts you that 36-roll pallets are no longer available. We apologize in advance if you need to change your PO at that time but once a product is converted to 30 roll pallets, it will be permanent.

At Polyguard, we continue to strive to offer high quality, innovative products and world-class customer service. That includes how we package our products and safety in handling our products both in our plant and your warehouse. We hope you see this change as a positive.

Tony Garone, Marketing Director,
Nate Brink, Sales Director,

Mechanical Division

Incl. (Photos)

Polyguard Announces New Addition to Mechanical Division

ENNIS, TX Karen Zambrano promotion 6-18-18

Polyguard has announced the promotion of Karen Zambrano to Associate Engineering Specialist for the Mechanical Division. Karen’s primary responsibilities will be supporting Polyguard’s specification effort targeting the engineering community; attending job installations; assisting customers with technical inquires; and introducing Mechanical products throughout the Southern Region and other strategic opportunities in North America.

This new position will help support the growth Polyguard’s Mechanical Division has enjoyed over the last five years.

Karen joined Polyguard in 2016 working as Executive Assistant for the CEO and President. In her time at Polyguard, Karen has shown an ability to master new skills and a willingness to tackle unfamiliar tasks to achieve personal growth and help the company. Karen is most recognized for taking the initiative to learn different aspects of the manufacturing business while completing a wide-range of corporate, manufacturing and sales tasks.

Karen has both a BAAS degree from the College of Science & Engineering and Master of Science in Management degree from the College of Business at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Karen will be working under both Co-Division Managers Nate Brink and Tony Garone. Tony stated that “Karen’s strong interpersonal skills, ability to adapt to changes, being a team player and helpful attitude made her a perfect candidate for us.” The Mechanical Division specializes in anti-corrosion, vapor barriers, weatherproofing jackets and insulation products for different mechanical systems in various industries.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 25 consecutive years of sales growth.

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Karen Zambrano News Release 6-18-18.

Polyguard Records 25th Consecutive Year of Sales Growth

ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products Inc. announced this week that 2017 marked its 25th consecutive year of top line sales growth for the company.

“This streak rivals any that I know in the business world,” President Shawn Eastham said. “This is a credit to our diversity, the quality of our manufacturing practices and, most importantly, the employee owners who take so much pride in the work they do every day.”

Polyguard’s streak began in 1992 and has withstood the financial ups and downs of the various markets Polyguard serves, including several nationwide recessions. The leadership in place at Polyguard credits this to several factors that make Polyguard a unique company, highlighted in the company tagline: Employee Owned. Innovation Based. Expect More.

“Employee owners, historically, take a greater sense of pride in what they do, more responsibility for the overall health of the company, and there’s a system of checks and balances that keeps everyone working for the good of the entire company,” CEO John Muncaster, who has been the head of the company since the mid-1980s.

As a result of these increased sales, Polyguard more than doubled its manufacturing capabilities by moving the majority of its manufacturing facility to Corsicana, Texas to keep up with demand.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production of self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction.

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Polyguard Announces Promotions in Mechanical Division

Effective September 1, 2017, Tony Garone and Nate Brink have been named co-division managers for the Mechanical Division of Polyguard Products, Inc.

After 30 years in the industry, Patrick Dunn, who has served as Vice President of the Mechanical Products since 1998, has decided to retire. He will remain with Polyguard during 14-month Phased Management Succession ending in October of 2018 and will serve as a technical consultant beginning in late 2018.

“Tony and Nate have done an excellent job during their time with Polyguard’s Mechanical Division and we look forward to continuing the success and expansion we enjoyed during Patrick’s time leading the division,” President Shawn Eastham said. “Patrick has been a valuable member of our team and is a major reason why we’ve enjoyed 24 consecutive years of sales growth.”

Tony Garone has been with Polyguard since 2009 and has over 35 years of industry experience. Tony will manage the administrative aspects of the division.

Nate Brink has been with Polyguard since 2010 and has 15 years of industry experience. Nate will take over sales/technical management responsibilities.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 24 consecutive years of sales growth. [read more…]

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Phenolic Insulation

Polyguard PolyPhen® Insulation as featured at IEEE GlobalSpec – Engineering 360 Direct:

Phenolic Insulation – A Wise Choice For Chilled Water Piping

PolyPhen Phenolic Insulation

Chilled Water Systems: The Basics

Cool water is circulated to an electric chiller that lowers water temperature to around 45ºF or less. The chilled water is pumped to an air handling unit, where it captures ambient heat and disperses cool air. Large commercial and industrial systems may feature chillers weighing several hundred tons and a vast network of piping. By equipping each room with its own air handler, each area of a large building can be precisely cooled using a single chilled water system.

What is Phenolic Insulation?

Phenolic insulation for use in chilled water applications is produced in large buns. These buns are cut by insulation fabricators using automated computer profiling saws into pipe insulation sections to meet the required R value for a given project. Phenolic foam is a predominantly closed-cell material. Pairing closed-cell phenolic insulation with a good vapor barrier can result in a permeability rating of nearly 0.0, an ideal target for applications like chilled water where condensation is a concern.

Making Sense of Insulation Materials

The end result of these characteristics determine if a product is ideally suited to chilled pipe insulation. But every chilled water system varies, so when selecting insulation, a range of materials should be considered.

Thermo Resitance vs Vapor Permeablility Chart Graph

The chart above shows the balance between a material’s thermal resistance value (R=1/k, where k=thermal conductivity) and vapor permeability. High thermal resistance and low vapor permeability is desirable.

Click here for more information: