North Texas DEC Member’s Company, Polyguard Products, Speaks Out Regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Export Council 6-3-15 imageJune 3, 2015

North Texas DEC Member’s Company, Polyguard Products, Speaks Out Regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership | District Export Councils of Texas

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBSDFW.COM) – CBS 11 News’ Karen Borta traveled to the White House to interview President Barack Obama about the proposed major trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Supporters say it will increase wages and lead to more jobs. But critics say they don’t believe that will happen.
The President told CBS11 the deal would keep jobs here, raise wages and open new markets. “The truth is this is going to be extraordinarily open,” says President Obama. “We don’t have an agreement yet, so it’s true what we haven’t laid out the actual agreement, this just gives us the authority to negotiate.”
President Obama says the trade deal being negotiated would put new standards in place that would help protect workers and the environment. And the President says it would help North Texas companies like Ennis-based Polyguard Products. The CEO there supports the deal. [Read More…]

May 2015 World Pipelines “Testing Coating Performance”

World Pipeline May 2015May 2015 – World Pipelines

Luc Perrad, Expartech and Polyguard Products representative in Brussels, Belgium, compares the performance of heat-shrinkable coatings and polymeric tape coatings according to ISO21809-3 and EN12068. The international standard ISO21809-3 (edited in December 2008) is largely used today as a reference for the major pipeline operators (oil, gas and water companies). The standard describes 9 filed joint coatings systems and includes the required performances for each system: 1) Bituminous, petrolatum, wax and polymeric tape coating. 2) Heat-shrinkable coatings 3) Fusion bond epoxy (FBE) powder coatings. 4) Liquid coatings. 5) Polyolefin-based coatings. 6) Thermal spray aluminum (TSA) coatings, 7) Hot applied microcrystalline wax coatings. 8) Elastomeric coatings. 9) Non-crystalline low viscosity polyolefin tapes. Even though polymeric based mesh coatings like Polyguard RD-6 have successfully been used since 1988 and are included in many reference standards like NACE standard SP)169-2009 (Control of External Corrosion on Underground or Submerged Metallic Piping Systems), they are not listed in ISO21809-3. [Read More…]

April 14, 2015 SPEA Member Spotlight: Nathan Muncaster or Polyguard Products

Nathan MuncasterApril 14, 2015
SPEA Member Spotlight: Nathan Muncaster of Polyguard Products

This month, the Small Business Exporters Association (SBEA), the international trade arm of the National Small Business Association (NSBA) recognizes a new member to highlight their exporting experiences, how their business has benefited and been affected by exporting, and their overall trade experiences in the global marketplace.

These featured spotlights offer a great opportunity for small firms to share their stories with other SBEA members and the greater small-business community, as well as enhance the collective understanding of what it means to be a small- or mid-sized exporter today. [Read More…]

March 9, 2015 – Ana Cervantes joins The Polyguard International Division

Ana Cervantes - IntlENNIS, TX – Polyguard is pleased to announce that Mrs. Ana Cervantes formerly of Berry Plastics, will consult for the International Division. Ana began on March 9, 2015. Ana brings with her ~ 18 years of Berry Plastics experience in various roles such as Latin American sales, Process/Quality Improvement, and Product Development. She worked in the oil, gas and water industries looking after 5 principal technologies heat shrink sleeves, cold tapes, liquid epoxies, cathodic protection and viscoelastics and lived in various locations in the USA and Mexico while working for Berry Plastics. [Read More…]

Feb 15, 2015 New Hire: Rajeev Sharma International Sales Representative

Rajeev Sharma - IntlFebruary 15, 2015
New Hire: Rajeev Sharma – Representative – International Sales

ENNIS, TX – Nate Muncaster, director of the International Division for Polyguard Products Inc., is excited to announce the contracting of Mr. Rajeev Sharma as representative of the Middle East and Subcontinent. Rajeev has extensive experience of about 12 years in the oil and gas industry handling mainly pipeline coatings. He had worked with Berry Plastics Corrosion Protection Group for about nine years before joining Polyguard. While working with Berry Corrosion Protection Group, Rajeev was responsible for the Middle East market looking after all the four principal technologies (heat shrink sleeves, tapes, liquid epoxies and cathodic protection.) He has also looked after the South East Asian region prior to Middle East for Berry Plastics. International – Rajeev Sharma 2-1-15

May 29, 2014 Polyguard Receives President’s E-Star Award

Polyguard Receives E-Star Award

Polyguard Receives E-Star Award

May 29, 2014
North Texas DEC Member is Presented the President’s E Star Award

North Texas DEC Member Nate Muncaster, on behalf of Polyguard Products, was presented the President’s E Star Award by Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker. This award was given to Polyguard Products in recognition of its noteworthy export promotion efforts. E Star Awards are only given to previous recipients of the President’s E Award and E Star Award applicants must show at least four years of successive export growth since winning the “E” Award. 

June 3, 2010 – Polyguard Products Wins U.S. “E” Award for Exports

Polyguard wins E-AwardJune 3, 2010
Polyguard Products Wins U.S. “E” Award for Exports

The Commerce Department has presented Polyguard Products Inc. with the President “E” Award, recognizing individuals, companies, or organizations that contribute to U.S. export trade.

The award, created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, was presented by Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to Nate Muncaster, Polyguard global business development director, and Shawn Eastham, vice president of the company’s Corrosion Products Group. Read More…