In addition to manufacturing and marketing sheet membrane products for underslab, blindside and foundation applications Polyguard Architectural Products manufactures several highly engineered special use products for different applications including:

  • Balcony waterproofing for wood deck balcony structures that are typically covered with lightweight concrete
  • High heat, roofing underlayment for steep slope roofs
  • Anti-Facture ceramic tile flooring underlayment
  • Parking structure waterproofing membrane

Balconyguard™ Membrane

Balconyguard™ Membrane is a 60-mil, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane to be used specifically on wood deck balcony structures that will be covered with lightweight concrete.

  • A treated removable release film
  • High strength PET film
  • Specially designed for waterproofing balconies and exposed multi-story walkways that will be covered with lightweight concrete
  • 48″ wide rolls reduce seam occurrence by up to 25%

Deckguard® HT Roofing & Watershield Underlayment

Deckguard® HT is a high heat 40-mil roofing membrane composed of a high strength slip resistant spider web backing laminated to a high-performance high heat asphalt compound with a film release for ease of application.

  • High heat membrane, can be exposed to heat up to 260°F
  • Film release for ease of application
  • Self-sealing: will seal around nails to resist leakage created by water backing up due to ice dams or wind-driven rains
  • Waterproofs potential leak areas such as protrusions, skylights, valleys, and other flashing areas