For decades, Polyguard has had millions of square feet of successful waterproofing projects with pre-applied Underseal and our post-applied 650 membranes. Today, the revitalization of urban areas has created new demands. We are now reclaiming land that had been considered previously uninhabitable. By building on the success of Underseal and 650 membranes, we have purpose-built the CR™ System by fortifying critical components to combat the chemical attack of contaminants in the soil.

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  • Superior Protection: 3 layers of waterproofing protection
  • Contractors have successfully installed millions of square feet of waterproofing using Polyguard’s pre-applied Underseal® and our post-applied 650 Membrane
  • Creates a superior adhesive bond when the static load of the concrete slab causes sealant / adhesive compound to have an intimate contact with the concrete surface
  • Superior Barrier: Provides a barrier that has been designed and tested to withstand elevated concentrations of contaminants typically found in construction sides which may be considered brownfield projects
  • System Adhered: Enhancing the durability of the membrane and mitigating lateral water migration
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