Unbeatable Barriers

When it comes to superior air barrier protection Polyguard’s Airlok UV sheet series is an industry leader. Whether it’s our 40 mil asphalt-based or the 20 mil Butyl based offering, these above-grade, non-permeable sheet membranes are designed for air and moisture protection in both field and flashing applications. We know not all jobs stay on schedule, that’s why our UV 400 and UV 200 series comes with 365-day UV resistance. These sheets fully adhere to surface materials such as wood, gypsum sheathing, and concrete, and can take all the punishment that the sun’s harmful rays have to offer. An advantage of our UV 200 sheet product, no primer required in the field of the wall saving both time and money. Application temperatures for the UV 200 Butyl products can go down to 20˚ F (-7˚ C). Let us know if you want more information about the ultimate air and moisture barrier solution for hot and cold conditions.

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