NW-75 Membrane for Parking Structures

NW-75 Membrane is designed for use prior to an apshalt overlay.  When placed on joints and cracks of pavement, it will waterproof and also reduce the extent and severity of reflective cracking. When installed, it acts as a waterproofing membrane, protecting reinforcing steel in the deck from corrosion.


  • Used in Parking Structures
  • Peel-off silicone treated release liner prevents sticking when rolled
  • Nonwoven geotextile fabric backing provides a mechanical bond to the asphalt overlay
  • Thickness: 65 mils

Companion Products

(where applicable)
650 LT Liquid Adhesive Used to prime all structural concrete, masonry, or wood surfaces prior to membrane installation.
Detail Sealant PW™ VOC/HAPS-free high-performance solvent-free sealant.
Underseal® Fabric Tape Use around pipe penetrations and at end laps for patching damaged areas of the membrane.

Product Resources

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