Deckguard® HT Roofing & Watershield Underlayment

Deckguard® HT is a high heat 40-mil roofing membrane composed of a high strength slip resistant spider web backing laminated to a high performance high heat asphalt compound with a film release for ease of application.  The release liner is removed leaving a strong asphalt compound to bond to the roof deck.

Deckguard® HT is designed to help in high temperature applications.  The high temperature resistance allows the membrane to be exposed to heat of 260° or less.  It has superior adhesion to the roof deck.  It is self-sealing and will seal around nails which will resist leakage caused by water backing up due to ice dams or wind driven rains.


  • High heat membrane, can be exposed to heat up to 260° F
  • Film release for ease of application
  • Self-sealing: will seal around nails to resist leakage created by water backing up due to ice dams or wind driven rains
  • Waterproofs potential leak areas such as protrusions, skylights, valleys, and other flashing areas

Companion Products

(where applicable)
650 LT Liquid Adhesive Used to prime all structural concrete, masonry, or wood surfaces prior to membrane installation.
Detail Sealant PW™ VOC/HAPS free high performance solvent-free sealant.

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