When you are looking for a protective coating, Polyguard’s patented Thermoplastic Technology of our Commercial Stretch outperforms other products on the market. This fluid-applied single component is an easy to install product providing a seamless membrane, minimizing any breach of the surface and eliminating the risks that joints pose. Commercial Stretch consistently outperforms other barrier products on the market while providing unprecedented time and cost savings. This spray applied barrier applies quickly. With our Commercial Stretch Product, we offer a waterproofing solution that is unsurpassed in performance and in its temperature range of use. Our Pro 1000 stands alone as a superior Damproofing product with a hard coat attractive finish. These single component, impermeable products are easy to apply with common spray equipment or roller and both are available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.

Commercial Stretch Fluid-Applied Waterproofing

Commercial Stretch Thermoplastic  Technology is behind the success of our signature waterproofing, Commercial Stretch. This patented single component, cold liquid-applied, elastomeric, coating cures to form a durable waterproofing membrane capable of bridging substrate shrinkage cracks up to 1/16-inch.

  • Single component product requires no mixing ensuring uniformity and quality while reducing waste and labor
  • Can be applied in temperatures as cold as -20°F, which can help avoid tenting and heating in cold climates
  • Unrivaled UV protection aids in timeline flexibility
  • Quick prep, easy to spray application, & easy to clean up… can lower square foot costs and saves hours.
  • The wet product can be applied to dry product for membrane repair, creating a continuous system with no seam or possible breach created

U.S. Patent No. 6025032
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Overseal-H Horizontal Fluid-Applied Waterproofing

Overseal-H™ is a single component, cold-liquid-applied, elastomeric, coating cures to form a durable waterproofing membrane capable of bridging substrate shrinkage cracks up to 1/16-inch. Overseal-H is designed specifically for horizontal surfaces.

    • Single component ease of application.
    • STPE membrane.
    • Caustic resistant for applications beneath poured
      concrete slabs and cementitious setting beds.
    • Self-leveling.
    • Crack bridging over a wide temperature range.
    • VOC compliant at <20 g/l.
    • Full cure-through with high-build applications.
    • Tolerant to moisture in the concrete.

PRO 1000 Fluid-Applied Dampproofing

PRO 1000 is a patented, single-component, cold-applied, non-elastomeric, non-breathable, thermoplastic membrane.

    • Designed for application over poured concrete, precast concrete, and concrete masonry below-grade walls
    • Durable and maintainable protection from rain and melting snow in the area between grade and the exterior finish
    • May be used as a vapor impermeable coating on the inside of a below-grade wall when the outside of the wall has been waterproofed or dampproofed
    • Dries to hard glossy coat that can be recoated

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