California Sealant

California Sealant is a porous architectural sealant used to promote sealing laps and areas of penetration of the Underseal® Underslab and Underseal® Blindside where geotextile fabric will be joined by Polyguard sealants to the adjoining membrane and surrounding substrates. The function of the sealant is to seal all porous portions of the geotextile surface and promote adhesion of Polyguard sealants such as LM-85 SSL, LM-95, Detail Sealant PW™ and Underseal® Fabric Tape. The VOC content meets the South Coast Air Quality Management District regulations established under the February 1, 1991 version of Rule 1168 © (2) Adhesion and Sealant Applications.


  • Used to prime Underseal® systems components and all joining substrates such as structural concrete, masonry, or wood surfaces on which Polyguard sealants will be applied.
  • Designed to be used on applications down to 25ºF (-4ºC).

Companion Products

(where applicable)
Underseal® Blindside™ Membrane 73-mil, pre-concrete pour waterproofing membrane used for vertical positive side waterproofing.
Underseal® Underslab Membrane 85-mil pre-concrete pour waterproofing membrane/vapor barrier that provides a continuous seal.

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