Grand Bohemian Hotel

Charleston, SC

Designed to celebrate creativity and inspiration, the 4 story, 50-room luxury boutique hotel located in Charleston’s Historic District incorporates diverse offerings for both meetings and leisure.  The hotel features a scenic rooftop restaurant and terrace that offers breathtaking views as well as unique, enriching experiences such as interactive wine blending and a signature Grand Bohemian Gallery of local and international artists,

Reese Vanderbilt & Associates
LS3P Associates, LTD

General Contractor:
Mashburn Construction

Waterproofing Contractor:
Watertight Systems

Grand Bohemian Hotel incorporates the following Polyguard Products:

Waterproofing Systems

Underseal® Underslab Membrane – 85-mil pre-concrete pour waterproofing membrane/vapor barrier that provides a continuous seal

System Accessories

Detail Sealant PW™ – VOC/HAPS-free high performance solvent-free sealant

Underseal® Fabric Tape – Use around pipe penetrations and at end laps for patching damaged areas of the membrane

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