MECHANICAL DIVISION: Additional Release Liner Option

July 2, 2021


To: Alumaguard® All-Weather Customers

Subject: Additional Release Liner Option

Polyguard continues to do everything we can during this time of raw material shortages and price escalation to assure reliable supply of material to our loyal customers.

To that end, you will see a slight change in our All-Weather product within the next 60-90 days. We will be manufacturing All-Weather with a release liner printed in a repeat pattern with the Polyguard logo, and the adhesive used will no longer be tinted pink. This only effects the release liner and in no way changes the performance of the product. We are doing this to give us maximum flexibility in sourcing raw materials and in improving manufacturing efficiency. See graphic below.

In the future, we may revert back to making All-Weather with tinted adhesive again depending on raw material and manufacturing requirements at that time. The basic construction of All-Weather will not change; same laminate film, rubberized asphalt compound and cold weather adhesive. Only the release liner and adhesive color may vary.

Best Regards,

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