Polyguard Products Acquires Buckaroos


Polyguard Products (Polyguard), a Muncaster Capital Company and leading manufacturer of specialty coatings, announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Buckaroos, an innovator of insulated pipe support systems and pipe insulation protection shields. The deal is expected to close in January of 2020. Jeff Rebholz will remain under contract as President of Buckaroos for 2 years through a transition period.

“The acquisition of Buckaroos represents an important strategic opportunity to offer solutions that add value for facility owners, increase productivity, and contribute to a safer work environment in the industrial market,” said Polyguard and Muncaster Capital President Shawn Eastham. “We have been friends with Jeff for over 25 years and are excited to welcome the Buckaroos’ employees into our family.”

“Polyguard is a great fit for both my employees and customers. A big part of my decision to sell the company was knowing that Polyguard cares about the industry and has a long-term ownership vision, including being 100% employee owned,” said Jeff Rebholz, President of Buckaroos. “I’m excited to work with Polyguard to continue to strengthen the Buckaroos name and provide the industry with an unrivaled product offering.”

“This acquisition solidifies Polyguard’s position as the market leader in the Mechanical Insulation Industry,” said Nate Brink, Manager of Polyguard’s Mechanical Division. “We will continue to offer our customers a full range of solutions including XPS insulation, RG-2400 anti-corrosion coatings, vapor barriers, weatherproof jacketing along with Buckaroos line of saddles, tools, pre-insulated systems, and pipe supports.”

About Polyguard
Polyguard was founded in 1953 in Oklahoma and moved to Ennis, Texas in 1978. John (current CEO) and Kathy Muncaster purchased Polyguard in 1986. In 1987, John and Kathy decided to allow the employees to directly benefit from their hard work by offering all the employees an opportunity to be part of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In December 2014, the company became 100% employee owned through the ESOP. Additional information can be found at www.polyguard.com.

About Buckaroos
Buckaroos was founded in 1990 by Jeff Rebholz and Mack Deichman. Jeff soon after acquired Mack’s shares of the business. The company’s initial product offering was the original Buckaroo Support. It resembles a cowboy hat and provides support for insulated piping as it rides on a saddle, hence the company name, “Buckaroos.” Buckaroos is the leading innovator of insulated pipe support systems and pipe insulation protection shields. Additional information can be found at www.buckaroos.com.

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