Litigation Settled

Polyguard Products is pleased to announce settlement of the false advertising litigation “Polyguard Products, Inc. v. I.S.E.L., LLC”, in United State District Court of the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, Civil Action No. 3:17-cv-03218-M.  The settlement can be viewed as a victory for end users because the parties have agreed to claim only those anti-corrosion properties which are backed up by test results and to make those test results available to end users on their websites.  “ISEL won’t be able to claim anti-corrosion properties without actually conducting and publishing the test results” said Shawn Eastham, President of Polyguard.  “As we have asserted all along, both the ISEL and their private label products are not the same as the RG-2400 and can’t match our performance or successful track record.  We believe the potential environmental, safety, and lost productivity caused by Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) should require a rigorous evaluation process for CUI coatings”.