Polyguard Termite Barrier Receives International Building Code Evaluation

Polyguard Products, Inc. has announced that its TERM® Barrier System has received an evaluation report as a Termite Physical Barrier from the International Code Council.

Polyguard’s TERM Barrier System joins Termimesh®* as the second Termite Physical Barrier evaluated by the ICC. TERM is a termite exclusion system built into the “building envelope”, and is the first building-wide, nonchemical pest exclusion system available to designers and builders for sustainable construction.

The TERM Barrier concept started at a November 1999 meeting with Texas A&M Urban Entomology scientists. The meeting discussed whether Polyguard building envelope materials, which have been used since 1970 to seal moisture and energy leaks, could be refined to also seal out termites, as well.

The 1999 meeting started an 18-year program of lab and field testing with Texas A&M and four other major southeastern U.S. entomology labs. The resulting TERM Barrier System, built in at the time of construction, uses upgraded sealants plus several new design details to add pest exclusion capability. TERM Barriers seal off entry points for subterranean termites, as well as entry points of most other pests around the structure.

There are several TERM components where installation by a Pest Management Professional is required or preferred. These are sealant barriers for plumbing or electrical penetration, combination barriers for bath traps and blockouts, sill barriers, and particle barriers at exposed building perimeters.

TERM Barriers enable the expansion of IPM within new construction. Sustainable construction standards now call for IPM. IPM, in turn calls for “Nonchemical pest preventive measures……designed into the structure…….”.

To meet requirements for the ICC’s AC-380 Termite Physical Barrier standard, TERM Barriers were field tested at four termite-infested sites against both Coptotermes formosanus and Reticulitermes flavipes, which are the most economically destructive termites in the United States. In these 5-year field trials, wood protected by TERM Barriers suffered no damage, while all exposed wood control samples were destroyed.

Polyguard Products is a 100 percent employee owned manufacturer of protective materials based in Ennis, Texas. Polyguard employee-owners have generated a constant stream of innovative products, resulting in 25 consecutive years of growth in sales revenue.

The International Code Council (ICC), based in Brea, California, is dedicated to developing model building codes which “Protect the health, safety, and welfare of people by creating safe buildings and communities”. ICC Codes have been adopted as the building code standard by most U.S. governmental jurisdictions, as well as by many countries worldwide.

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* Termimesh is a trademark of TERMI-MESA Australia PTY LTD.