“Changing Paths in Latin America” | World Pipelines

September 2017 – “Changing Paths in Latin America” World Pipelines by Ana Cervantes, Polyguard, USA, describes how some companies in Latin America are changing the way they approach rehabilitation and field joint coatings.

The initial reaction of most of the oil and gas industry in Latin America to the lower price market conditions was to delay the construction of important new pipeline projects. In the meantime, integrity management programmers (IMP) for existing pipeline infrastructure must be continued.

Corrosion control, typical failures – The basis of the corrosion control strategy for buried steel pipes is to prevent electrolytes from reaching the steel surface by installing a coating that acts not just as a physical barrier between the electrolyte and the steel surface, but is also capable of remaining bonded tot he metal with high adhesion. Over time, a pipeline might experience the consequences of substandard conditions, so a cathodic protection (CP) system must be installed to the pipeline to prevent a corrosion reaction from occurring. If the coating fails and the CP does not prevent a corrosion reaction, the pipeline will be in danger of experiencing stress corrosion cracking (SCC), consequently leading to loss of wall thickness. [read more…]