Polyguard Launches Airlok STPE Technology Into Air Barrier Market

ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products’ Architectural Division recently launched a new line of Airlok® STPE fluid-applied air barriers to support its already robust line of Air Barriers on the market.

The permeable Airlok® STPE WRB products utilize Silyl Terminated Polyether chemistry and includes:

1. Airlok® STPE Spray Barrier – a sprayable, high performance coating providing extended service life in wall cavities. For use on masonry cavities, poured and pre-cast walls. Can be applied to almost any substrate.
2. Airlok® STPE Flash-N-Roll – a rollable, high performance coating air barrier and/or flashing material. This combines the best of silicone and polyurethane properties. Applications include rough openings and other above-grade flashings.
3. Airlok® STPE Gun-N-Spread – a sausage-gun fluid-applied flashing used to create a weather resistant, fully adhered waterproof barrier system around rough openings. Used on window openings and applied with a putty knife.
4. Airlok® STPE Detail-N-Joint – a sausage-gun fluid-applied, fiber-reinforced joint filler and transition flashing material that combines the best of silicone and polyurethane properties. Typical applications include detailing the rough opening, penetrations, above grade flashings and transition joints.

“Airlok® STPE WRB products are seamless fluid-applied solutions specifically designed to protect the building envelope,” John Somers, Vice President of Polyguard Building Products Group, said. “We are using the latest air barrier technology to improve on our line of air barriers”.

Polyguard’s STPE products recently passed NFPA 285 test protocols.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 24 consecutive years of sales growth.

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