Tinted Adhesive Enhancement to Alumaguard® All-Weather

Since its introduction, Alumaguard® All-Weather has been widely accepted for its ease of use in cold weather applications and sales continue to grow as more and more end users become aware of its benefits.

With that in mind we will introduce a product improvement in the first quarter of 2017 which is designed to improve our manufacturing reliability and also offer the end user assurance that the final product has an adequate adhesive layer.

As you know the current product is constructed with a metalized polyester film coated with clear acrylic adhesive and a clear polyester release liner. So when you view the side of the product that adheres to the substrate, you see a shiny foil surface. You cannot see the clear acrylic adhesive or the clear polyester release liner. Beginning in the early first quarter, we will be tinting the adhesive a pink color so that when you view the underside of the membrane, it will appear pink.

Tinting the adhesive will in no way change the performance of the adhesive but it will help minimize manufacturing errors and it will provide the end user assurance that the membrane has the proper adhesive coating if the pink color appears uniform and consistent throughout.

We intend to use all of our existing raw materials before switching to the tinted adhesive and expect the transition to begin in mid-to late January 2017.

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