Polyguard Releases Next Generation of Insulrap Products

September 3, 2015   ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products, Inc. Vice President of Mechanical Products Patrick Dunn announces the release of the next generation of Insulrap products to the market.

“We have upgraded the entire line of Insulrap products, leading the way to the next generation of flexible asphalt and butyl membranes; the upgrades include achieving zero perm on all membranes, and by embedding scrim on the SJ products, we have also achieved enhanced lap adhesion on all Insulrap products,” Dunn said.

Products included in the launch are: Insulrap JB (white), Insulrap 30-NG-Smooth (now white), Insulrap 30-SJ-NG, Insulrap 50-SJ-NG (now black), Insulrap 50-NG-Smooth (now black) and Insulrap 125-NG-No Torch (black).

Polyguard’s Insulrap products are used on insulated piping in refrigeration, cryogenic and chemical processing applications. The product is proven in the market, having been applied on millions of square feet of insulated pipe for over 20 years with an excellent rate of success.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production of self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 22 consecutive years of sales growth. [Read more]