February 2015 – North American Oil & Gas Pipelines

North American Oil and Gas Pipeline Cover PhotoFebruary 2015 – North American Oil & Gas Pipelines
Corrosion Control Industry Faces Challenges to Protect Oil and Gas Infrastructure

Corrosion control specialists are charged with protecting and extending the lifecycle of critical infrastructure. For oil and gas pipelines, it’s a matter of protecting the public, as well as the environment. Corrosion is one of the leading causes of pipeline failures, but the right measures to protect these assets can ensure they operate safely, efficiently and profitably.

Protecting pipeline assets starts at the top, with the design of the system, according to Jim Feather, vice president of NACE International, the global corrosion trade organization. Recently retired from ExxonMobil Research and Engineering after a 36-year career, Feather says managing corrosion must be an organizational policy.

“I would briefly describe this as a system. Design it right, build it right and operate it right,” says Feather, who will be sworn in as NACE president at the association’s annual Corrosion conference, March 15-19, in Dallas. [Read More…]